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Capri Cable, Social & Online Media Editor

Capri is a vibrant person, with lots of creativity, uniqueness and bubbles about her. She takes a kindling to the simple things in life, she appreciates the littles things and laughs about 15 times every 5 minutes. Her name, Capri, is something she not only loves but creatively uses to the full capacity. She has adopted her nickname “Capri-Sun” and made it a part of being her. The Life of A Capri-Sun is an official blog and social media domain. Capri embraces The Life of Capri Sun to full capacity and works to make her life (The Life of A Capri Sun) as interesting and impactful as she possibly can.  She looks at the world with a great love, and sees the light in pretty much everything. Capri is an absolute nerd with a love of everything Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, and even some anime, though nobody really knows that about her until they break down her walls and spend some time getting to know her. Capri loves to read and write and everything in between, she is an aspiring creator of arts, including photography, writing, videography, and graphic design. On staff she has become a jack of all trades, she is a helping hand in every department and jumps at every opportunity that is interesting to her. Capri looks at everything in a positive way and is always looking for ways to improve things. She is a very instrumental person with too many ideas in her head to keep track of, let alone make a reality. She is busy 24/7 making a difference in the world in some way, but sufficed to say, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her friends resent her for never having time to spend with them, though they support her in her endeavors and understand that in order to be successful, you must be 5 minutes late to everything. An interesting fact about Capri is that she never, ever wears matching socks, she is a firm believer that there are much better things to do with time than match socks, so she never does. Her sock drawer is pretty much as messy as hcer life, but she considers the fact that she never wears matching socks a part of being a Capri.

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