Thinking Out Loud: Fall

Thinking Out Loud: Fall



Fall is the absolute best season of the year, end of story. Fall gives so much opportunity for you to reinvent yourself and the way you dress and your own style. It’s simply perfect.

Waking up in the morning to the smell of coffee and the fall scented candles that you’re still smelling from the night before, mixed with the crisp fall air is the best feeling in the world. Looking out the window at all the beautiful leaves and trees is the perfect way to have a great day.

The weather in fall is perfect, not too hot, not too cold, and not humid. It is the time where sweaters and boots are a must and hot tea, apple cider, and pumpkin spice lattes are considered a fashion accessory.

Pumpkins are everywhere, fall colors are being represented by everyone. And when you think about it, everyone is simply happier in the fall. The warm that come with fall is spread everywhere and it is very hard not to love fall.

You get to carve pumpkins, and decorate your house with pretty fall colors and decorations.

Fall is the absolute best season for bonfires and fun parties with your friends with guitars and blankets and lights set up in your backyard. The cold gives you opportunity to bond with others by the fire. It gives you an excuse to make a fire and roast marshmallows. It also gives you more of a reason to make some tea to drink before you go to bed.

Fall is also the best time for lighting candles. The candle stores have a gazillion different fall scents to match what the ari and food that you are making smells like.

Fall is the season for two pretty great holidays as well. Thanksgiving and halloween being the major ones. Black friday is also included in fall, so thats a plus as well.

It is easy to get caught up in summer and everything that it has to offer but fall has so much more to offer.

Fall is the best time to go on road trips because the trees and woods through Pennsylvania and New York are gorgeous. The trees are beautiful, and looking out at them or taking pictures of them inspires people because of their beauty, something that does not occur in any other season except for winter because snow is equally as beautiful.

Fall is also the best season because it is the only season where doing yard work can actually be made fun by creating piles of leaves and jumping in them. What’s best is not cleaning your trampoline for a few days and then jumping in all the leaves that have collected on the trampoline. Fall presents the opportunity for adults and teens to feel like kids again, something that truly gives people the opportunity to grow, and it provides an opportunity that doesn’t often come around.

Fall is the best season for many reasons, but mainly because the warmth that it brings into homes, brings families closer together, whether it be for game nights by the fire, or cuddle sessions under a blanket, or having people over for dinner to show off your cooking ability, scent of your fall scented candles, or how pretty your fall decorations are.