Thinking Out Loud: Soulmates

Thinking Out Loud: Soulmates

Capri Cable, Editor-In-Chief

“A person ideally suited to another.”


If you find your soulmate, you are extremely lucky. A soulmate is someone who you were truly destined to meet, they are your other half and they bring out the best in you. It was fate that you met and there are reasons that only God knows as to why you two were brought together, all that you both know is that it was simply meant to be, you were simply meant to meet.


For many, a soulmate is someone who ends up being a romantic companion. In this situation, soulmates just click, they are the opposite sex versions of each other and they agree on everything. They feel as though their relationship was meant to be and they cannot picture themselves with anyone else. This is a truly amazing type of soulmate, to find a soulmate that you have a romantic relationship with is truly a blessing.


For others, a soulmate is simply just a friend that they get along perfectly with. They feel like they can go to them with anything and their soulmate knows them better than anyone else, because they are so similar.
Soulmates were predestined to meet, so how you meet them can be interesting. Not all people realize that they have met their soulmate at the time that the meet them, and some go through their entire life not knowing they met their soulmate. But truly everyone meets someone that they were simply meant to meet and that is such a  beautiful thing. To have met someone who was destined to be a part of your life, destined to cross paths with you simply to make you better, to bring out the best in you. Its truly an amazing thing to think about.