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A Trip Around The World

Myia Barnard takes advantage of opportunities that are out of this world.

Germany is a very popular place to visit and travel to. It is big on its prominent and unique food and culture. Wildcat, Myia Barnard is excited to get to start this enticing experience. 


Mrs. Wilkerson, the German teacher, consistently offers cultural experiences to enrich the foreign-language students. This trip will be done through CBYX they offer programs for places other than Germany as well. When the opportunity was presented to stay overseas for a year, Myia instantly knew this would be a great opportunity for her. 


Myia has to adapt to big changes in German lifestyles. Myia shares what she is preparing to see change in the education system. “The culture will be a big difference. Most schools end very early and some only go twice or three times a week. There are four different types of schools in Germany. It matters where you live and how good you are at school to decide where you are placed. I’m most likely going to be placed in Gymnasium which is like normal high school here.”


A lot can be learned through traveling and experiencing different places.“I am very excited to go! I have a few concerns and worries because I have never flown or been on a plane before. I have never been to another state let alone another country. The flight is 7-8 hours I believe. I will be flying out from DC airport to Hamburg with no layovers. What I’m worried about is before I board the plane but I’ve been assured i will be safe and have someone help me get to the plane,” said Barnard.


Even though Myia will be exploring new lifestyles, she will miss her roots.  “Most definitely the staff. The staff are some of my favorite people I’ve ever met in my life. They are very kind and they are helping me throughout this whole transition of my life. Dr. Antolik, Mrs. Wilkerson, and Heir Keifer are some that stand out. They have all helped me and have made an impact on my life.”


Learning a new language, and being bilingual, is a huge advantage in travel.  ‘’I am currently a German three student. I am fluent enough to understand directions. I can ask where I need to go and how to get from place to place. I can ask how to exchange a bit of money and how expensive things are. Hier Keifer has been helping me and I have been practicing common interactions to get ready.”


In the new culture of Germany, Myia will take advantage of all parts of her experience.  “I love the textile mills and museums. I also love how blunt the people are. They don’t talk too much or have unneeded conversations. Everyone just minds their business and makes sure everything is alright.”


She is also learning how to bike, as biking is a big part of German culture. “Throughout summer I will be biking. Biking is a big thing there. This will be a big thing to learn because I don’t know how to ride a bike. I learned when I was 12 but stopped.”


Myia will be leaving on August 10, to Hamburg for a month, then will be traveling to meet her host family. She won’t be back until late June or July, making this trip a full year. Myia has been collecting items and donations and practicing speaking German to try to get to her most fluent.  We all know that Myia will continue to make an impact all over the world.

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Sara Blossey
Sara Blossey, Staff Writer
Sara Blossey, 10th grade, joined the High Post at the beginning of sophomore year as a staff writer. She is a member of high honors, and the Varsity field hockey team as a forward and the softball team as a middle infielder. She is excited to have the opportunity to share peoples' perspectives and stories through writing. As well as taking photos and getting more involved with her community. She can't wait for many more new and exciting experiences. She enjoys reading and writing in her free time as well as hanging out with friends and family. She can't wait to write stories about her community and peers and is beyond excited for this year on the staff! 

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