US Stands Up for Paris

Capri Cable, Editor-In-Chief

On Friday, November 13, Paris was attacked by members of ISIS. That day 129 people were killed, 352 injured, 9 of them in critical condition.

Isis has been a threat for many months now. Islamic people believe that if a human does not believe in their God, Alah, and that person refuse to convert to Islam, then they deserve to die.

In the following days of the attack, the US has been standing with Paris in many ways. The first being that people all of the United States have been changing their facebook profiles to have a filter the color of the French flag. Many people have shared photos all over social media symbolizing how the US stands with France in this time of great tragedy.

In honor of showing our support for France, a peace sign was creath that has The Eiffel Tower in the middle of it to show support for peace in Paris.

Hashtags like “#PrayForParis” “#StandUP” “TheUSStandsWithParis” are all trending on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Isis is a threat, and not just for Paris, for the world. The US is standing with France for many reasons, one being that France is an ally of ours, so we support them politically.

Another reason the US is standing with France through all this is because we are trying t show ISIS whose side we are on. By standing with Paris, we show that we do not agree with their logic and that we will fight alongside Paris to end the madness. We do not appreciate an attack on Paris and we certainly will not appreciate an attack on the US.

Not only does standing against Paris show that we support Paris but it also shows ISIS not to mess with us. Paris is sending troops into Islamic regions now. The US military is a lot stronger than France’s. With the US upset with ISIS and standing with Paris, and attack on the US would be even more dangerous.