Thinking Out Loud: Change

~ never the same, but never different ~

Thinking Out Loud: Change

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies”


Change is something that affects everyone differently. Some people love change. Some people hate it, they want everything to always stay the same.

Personally, I like some types of change, and other types scare me to death. For example, small changes like my style or personality, I love. I love trying new things and experimenting with different styles and personality traits. I love to experiment with aspects of myself to become the best me I can possibly be,

However big changes like going to college, or moving, or going to a new school, the big things scare me to death. I feel vulnerable, like I am no longer in control of what happens and that feeling scares me to a never ending point.

Change can sometimes mean a loss of control, and what I am learning is that sometimes it is okay to not be in control. It is okay to be vulnerable at times. Sometimes losing control is okay, it means that things are changing and sometimes that is for the better.

Change is a little thing that can make a big difference but it also a big thing that can make a small difference, it all depends on what exactly is being changed.

The thing about change is it is constant, things are always changing, nothing stays the same. Relationships change, feelings change, shift happens.

It is a simple fact of life that nothing lasts forever and the shear fact that nothing does last forever is due to one thing and one thing only; change.

It’s quite amazing actually, how much things change. Nothing remains the same eternally. People are always growing, the more we experience, the more we change. For better or for worse, change shapes who we are, and who we are changes everyday.

Everyday we grow and become different in certain ways, we adopt certain traits and features from other things and other people and we change because of that.

We see ourselves as who we want to be, and we change to become that person. Sometimes the world decides who it wants us to be and we change to become that person. Either way, everyone is always changing, certain things will stay the same but you are never the same person that you were yesterday.

Never the same, but never different. What a beautiful thing.