Thinking Out Loud: Words

Thinking Out Loud: Words



Everyday, we are affected in many different ways by many different words. According to statistics, women speak an average of 20,000 words per day while men speak around 7,000.


If you think about those numbers, that’s a heck of a lot of words affecting people each and every day. No matter what the words are or the way in which you are speaking them, you are impacting someone in some way.


Maybe you’re impacting them by telling them what they need to do.


Or maybe you’re impacting them by telling them a funny story. It is important to remember that even the littlest things have an impact on someone. That short yet funny story you told your friend the other day, maybe she thought it was hilarious and went around and told another one of her friends about your experience. Your words impacted her, and in a positive way. With the world the way it is these days, social media as well as the internet and communication being as easy as the touch of a button, it is so easy for people to be impacted by words. The fact of the matter is, words are everywhere and the impact us in a lot of different ways.


Words are something extremely delicate. You have to be very careful with them because they have so much of an impact on humanity. The simplest word can make someone’s day, but the same one can also break someone’s heart.


Words need to be thought about before spoken for this simple reason. Impacting someone isn’t always such a good thing, there is such a thing as a negative impact.jjg


Words can be both a splinter to the heart, and a burst of encouragement. Words can inspire you, they can tear you apart, and they can build you up.


Words are capable of so much, they give humans the power to do amazing things, and write amazing things. Without words, humans would be nothing. The ability to speak and create art through the use of language is a beautiful gift, and it makes up humanity, without words, humans are nothing.
Words are the basis of everything. If you think about it, mostly everything in this world includes words. Nothing that we as humans have accomplished so far has been possible without the use and power of words. We have created so much, and impacted so many with the things we’ve done and the words that we have spoked. It is truly amazing.