How Students Feel About Schedule Changes



This year at Latrobe has definitely been quite unique compared to most others. With Covid-19 affecting basically every public space, schools have had a uniquely rough time adjusting to the new guidelines set by health professionals and governors. Latrobe has had a very interesting approach to keeping students safe while also following the new rules. 


With new rules in place, the administration has had to make many changes to the learning process at Latrobe. They have tried to push brick and mortar as much as they can, but have 

been forced to change to a multitude of different varieties of schedules. There have been schedules including hybrid, remote learning, asynchronous, brick and mortar, remote, with lunch and learn eventually being removed to accommodate guidelines. To say these changes have been hard on students and teachers might be a bit of an understatement, as some have felt these changes have hurt their learning experience. 


Since there have been so many changes it has been hard to keep track of where I need to be while also keeping track of schoolwork. On top of this, my schedule changes day to day with the a,b,c lunches. I find it hard to stay focused when I’m hungry since my lunch is so much later on some days. Not having the hour of lunch during the day to get help and do homework has affected my work and has increased my class time making it hard to stay focused for the full time. I think the school is trying to do what’s best for us students, but it’s very difficult to agree with everything they are doing since it seems to be constantly changing, making it really hard to adapt.” Said Gracie Wetzel, a senior.


Students seem to think it’s right to try and keep us safe, but they agree there might have been an easier way to do it instead of making changes. While it is extremely important to prioritize students’ health and safety, it is also important to pay attention to the mental health and opinions of the students and faculty at the school.