Emma Fenton Discusses Prom

Gina Hoburn

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From left to right, seniors James Hill, Lauren Bisignani, Emma Fenton, Riley DeMichele, and Augie Mucci pose together for a team photo.

Covid has caused the cancellation of many events during 2020 and 2021, but as it’s decreasing, senior Emma Fenton and her team have made plans for a senior prom this spring. The team wanted an event this year and was going to make it happen. Emma Fenton speaks about how the idea came to mind.


“It was honestly the class officers Augie Mucci, Riley DeMichele, Lauren Bisignani, James hill, and I. Due to covid, we had things planned last year, but it scratched all of those ideas. We’ve been itching to get something once regulations are lifted. I give all credit to all four, Mrs. Suter, and Miss Fedor. They went along with us and helped us and get as much as possible done,” Emma said.


Mr. Mains has also helped the team with the plans for prom. 


“We had to get everything approved. The idea of having prom was approved and he’s been helping us out and giving us ideas on what to do. He’s been there during most of our meetings, just listening and approaching things that we didn’t think would be approved,” she said.


Emma began to explain the place of choice for prom and the reasoning behind it.


“We found Zone 28 and because we were not allowed to dance we thought it would be perfect because there are bowling alleys, escape rooms, laser tags, and arcade games for students to do. We thought it would be a better opportunity instead of getting a venue where you just all had to sit down. We thought zone 28 would be fun,” she said.


She then began to explain more of why she and the team chose Zone 28.


“Because of social distancing, there’s no dancing, and that is sort of a general rule with other schools’ proms. We wanted to get a big enough space to hold everyone indoors. Other places we would have been split half in and outdoors and we wanted a place to fit everyone together,” she said.


Prom is seniors-only with the exception of juniors and sophomores as a plus one. Emma goes on to explain why she and the team made this decision.


“We chose seniors only to keep the numbers lower because there are still capacity rules in Zone 28 and it’s also that if we felt that we didn’t get a prom last year so to have a senior-only prom, juniors still have next year, but junior and sophomores are allowed to be brought as a guest. Guests outside of the school are allowed as well, but they can’t be older than twenty,” she said.

The team is aware that students may disobey the mask and dancing rules.


“That’s something we’ve thought about because there’s going to be music and it’s going to be a fun time, but there are going to be teacher chaperones everywhere. As long as you’re socially distant and teachers are going to try to keep the guidelines in place,” Emma said.


Emma explains about the mask mandate for prom and when students will be allowed to take a break from them.


“Masks are required, but they can be taken off at tables while you’re eating or drinking, and if you need a break go back to your designated table. For the most part, we want to keep all the social distancing and CDC guidelines in place so we can have everyone be safe,” she said. 


The team has been working on a backup plan if the location for prom were to be canceled.


“That is something we’re working on right now. We’re hoping for zone 28. We have it booked and we have the busses and everything. Looking more closely into it, if covid were to break out again we’re trying to find different ways to have an event. We do have different places available if we were to change it. We want to have an event for seniors no matter what,” Emma said.


Transportation has also been in the works.


“We are doing coach busses and because of covid, we found busses that have a new air ventilator in them. We’re getting coach busses for everyone, we just have to wait until how many people are going to determine the number of busses,” Emma said.


The team is currently deciding on a meal, but Emma says that they plan on having a sit-down meal, so students don’t have to get up to retrieve their meal. It will help a lot with the covid situation.


Emma explained the attire for the event.


“The outfit wear is formal. Those who don’t wear a formal outfit can still attend. Students can bring a change of clothes to Zone 28 if they don’t feel comfortable playing in their dress,” she said.


She then goes on to explain about the grand march.


“The grand march that will be outside on Rossi field because of covid. It will be held at four. Students will be announced with their partner, walk out, and then get on the bus after that. If students don’t want to walk the grand march, they can get straight onto the bus. We want to have guests there or Livestream it,” Emma said.


There are still many ideas floating around and the team members are trying their best to decide which ideas are good to have a fun prom for the seniors.