Recreation of Joy

In 2020 many things had happened,

Not only did we quarantine and have a presidential election,

We all in some way formed a self-discovery journey.


We all found something hidden inside of us we had never known before,

With the way, the year had gone, 

And we reflect on not only our actions,

But also us as people,

We were stuck inside for so long that it seemed like this may never end.


We as a society were trapped

Now we have gained some of our freedom back 

Which I am grateful for,

But with all that happened 

All that was taken away from everyone and myself 

It dawned on me 

That we need to do things. 


No, I don’t mean crafts, 

I’m talking about living. 


Living our lives.


Though we now have restrictions and masks,

We still have a chance to go do things. 


That year had been surrounded by negativity,

And how are we supposed to move forward?


We start by thinking positively, 

Looking on the bright side. 


By doing this we can all move forward

Not stay in the past with the sadness the negativity of it all.


We will be able to move and grow together. 


That year was surrounded by death and depression,

But when we start to live.


And though things are different now,

And we look back on the old days when we did things,

When we see people who no longer are with us, 

When we didn’t wear masks. 


We think of those days with nostalgia.


Though they are long gone now we still can find ways to get the feeling back,

Whether it’s by creating a playlist of songs from then,

Doing those activities again,

Or just looking through old photos, 

We can’t get that back. 


So, we move forward

Make better memories with the people we love, 

With people, we just met, 

And with those who’ve always been there for you.