March 13


I spent the day absolutely thrilled for the musical.

The practice room, sweltering with heat, as always.

The text I received.

“All cast and crew please report to the auditorium”

My heart shattered into a thousand glass shards,

I knew what was coming.

I sat behind one of my close friends at the time.

I hung my head lower than mariana trench,

My eyes were brimming with salty tears.

The show went on, then home I went.

The “two day” break went to two weeks,

Then two months,

Then June came.

I met new friends, online of course.

I had a surprisingly fun summer.

Though I lost a couple friends,

I met my future lover.

I never knew how hard it would be to be in school,

Then out,

Then back in.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

I now lay here, in my lover’s arms whilst finishing this.

Two days before he has surgery.

Two days before his life is one-step closer to being normal.

I’ve never been happier,

I’ve never been more pleased with the way I look.

My smile,

It’s real.

Covid changed my life for the better.

And here we are,

One year later,

The mask stays above the nose.