It’s March 1, 2020. I wake up and go to school just like normal, and then come home. Never would I have expected a global pandemic to emerge in our country just a week and a half later. School is canceled for two weeks, which then becomes indefinitely. One year later, I am still standing today. The biggest thing I’ve learned about the Covid-19 pandemic, is that humans will overcome it. There has not been a challenge presented to us as humans yet that we cannot handle, whether small or large. I have also learned that we depend on each other so much to cope and get through the obstacles that come at us in our society in 2021. And in that sense, Covid-19 was a blessing. There is an overwhelming and unnecessary amount of prejudice and hatred on our planet, and this pandemic has shown me the importance of unity. Another skill I have learned is to be able to interact with others, even when you might not be able to see them. Although, interacting with others through services like Google Meet and Zoom is not ideal at all, I’ve seen the importance of adapting in a constantly changing world. Life will sometimes throw curveballs at you, but you have to confront them head on and adjust to them. In addition, this virus has really stressed the importance of education to me. There have been many times in my life where I dreaded going to school or wasn’t grateful for the opportunity of a good education, but now I never doubt anymore that my education is not a stepping stone to guide me to the places I will go in my life. Lastly, this momentous pandemic year has shown me to appreciate the little things in life more. The gift of life is too spectacular to spend too much of it coping with the current issues. You have to seize the day and enjoy every single opportunity that arises. When I look at where I am today and where I was a year ago and how much my life has changed, I see how I have grown through the principle of overcoming.