Strangled Hope

Feeling trapped in this role of no interaction

Not that I liked school with a passion 

But, it’s not being at school 

I rarely see family members

And it is taking a toll

Used to seeing every week

Now once a month.

Forced into this role. 

By my parents 


By the pandemic

Maybe a little

By myself

Most definitely


My uniform 

My clothes that are worn by many

Many who don’t want to wear them

All stuck

Stuck like now

Stuck in the pandemic

In a role, they don’t want to play


My umbrella of hopes and dreams 

My know positivity and patience

Has endured lashed at and holes torn over the year

Heavy rain of thoughts

Fears, nightmares, loneliness

comes down with a loud, now heard sound

They seep into my mind 

When my focus finally settles

Burning holes into my umbrella


Held down by this weight that you can’t leave the house.

The weather doesn’t allow it

Society doesn’t want it 

There are holes in my umbrella 

Holes that can’t be fixed by the pandemic’s end

Holes that can’t be healed

Holes that can only be covered up

To haunt one another day 


These emotions are a lesson

A chapter in everyone’s story

We now see life from a new perspective

But what does it mean? 

Where is the glory?