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Gina Hoburn
Gina Hoburn is ecstatic to be on the Multimedia and Journalism team for the first time this year. This is her last year of school and she took the opportunity to write for the school newspaper. She loves to write and draw herself and wants to major in English as an editor in the future and believes that this class will greatly benefit her. She’s excited to meet new people and potentially draw and edit for the newspaper. She hopes one day that her skills will help her score a good job in a different state where she can become noticed and be an editor for books. Gina enjoys her time at home sketching, writing, playing games, hanging out with her friends, as well as caring for her two snakes, Cecilia and Gypsy. She plans on owning more reptiles in the future. Her favorite color is purple and she loves Greek statues and skeletons. Gina has a fun and caring personality and loves to make people smile after a bad day. She is a very encouraging person and believes in others when they don’t believe in themselves. Gina hopes her senior year will end with plenty of fun memories!

Gina Hoburn, Staff Writer

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Gina Hoburn