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Chatbox or Cheatbox

Chatbox or Cheatbox

As I walk into the classroom, I immediately realize that something is off. The air feels stuffy and I am overwhelmed by a deafening silence. I find my seat as a feeling of panic washes over me. I am still unsure of what is going on. As I glance around the room, I’m met with numerous other eyes that are darting back and forth. My teacher finally stands before us. She begins passing around packets. I take mine and eagerly flip through in an attempt to put the pieces together. About a week ago, we had an essay assignment to write. The packet I am now looking at contains what seems to be other peoples’ essays. I can’t seem to figure out what is going on. My teacher then begins passing out highlighters. She explains that right now, we need to highlight similarities between each essay. I do as I am instructed and begin marking up the pages. When I am finished, my packet looks as bright as the sun. Each essay is eerily similar to the last. After a few minutes, I survey the room, noticing that everyone’s papers look like my own. My teacher began to explain that each essay we were given had been written by students in our class. I feel sudden relief as my essay isn’t included in whatever is going on. I look around at my classmates desperately searching for their reactions. My teacher silently walks to the board and opens a tab to ChatGPT. She pastes the prompt to our essay into it. The page loads and nobody speaks. The essay that ChatGPT has produced is a carbon copy of each essay that is sitting in front of us. I can’t help but stare at the faces of those of my classmates who knew they had been caught.

According to recent data, ChatGPT has quickly accumulated over 180.5 million users since being launched by OpenAI in November of 2022. OpenAI created the chatbot by using cutting-edge technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Whether it is realized or not, AI technology has influenced us all before. Think of the last time you wrote an email. As you begin typing, AI technology suggests the next word for you to use before you can even think about it. Anytime you send a text, your phone immediately proposes what word you should use next even though you may not even know yet what you want to say. 

ChatGPT’s appeal to users originates from its artificial interactions that closely resemble human interaction. ChatGPT generates responses in seconds by using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. These swift responses greatly decrease the time normally spent brainstorming and thinking. Regularly brainstorming and thinking critically will boost problem-solving skills and encourage creativity. When using AI on a regular basis, users lose original thought. Now the question is, has it become a dangerous tool for our society?

A substantial debate surrounds the utilization of ChatGPT. Some see it as a valuable tool that can only enhance the quality of one’s work. Others perceive using it as a shortcut, raising concerns about a lack of academic integrity. 

Along with its negative effect on the problem-solving process, ChatGPT is seen as morally wrong to use. Teachers see ChatGPT as a cheating mechanism; however, students see using it more as inspiration. 

9/10 students admitted to using ChatGPT to do their homework and other schoolwork. None of them saw an issue with it. 

One student said, “I use ChatGPT to help me with my homework. I feel that I use it positively to improve my grades.”

Following an anonymous interview of students, almost all of them had similar perspectives on it and believed that the greatest use of it is for “inspiration”. 

One student said, “I utilize it positively to give myself ideas.” Another said, “I use it to put me in the right direction regarding school essays.” Most students believe that ChatGPT does not harm their academic success or integrity. 

The majority of the students agreed that they don’t copy the information they receive from ChatGPT precisely, but rather they use it for ideas. 

One student mentioned, “I use ChatGPT to bounce ideas off of. I won’t copy it directly, but if I’m drawing a blank, it’s a nice way to get an idea.” 

Another student said, “ChatGPT is a good way to find inspiration for assignments. As long as you don’t copy it exactly, then I see no harm in using it.”

While it is known for exhibiting its notable intelligence, ChatGPT is also capable of producing inaccurate answers. OpenAI is extremely transparent about this bug though. Its website explicitly states that “ChatGPT’s knowledge is not up-to-date, so for the most part, it doesn’t know about current events or trends.” 

While anonymously interviewing students, multiple reported using ChatGPT to check homework answers. Several of them expressed that the chat box has formed incorrect answers, typically with advanced math problems. So, although CahtGPT is extremely knowledgeable, it is still quite possible that it will generate misinformation.




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Olivia Carlquist, Staff Writer
Olivia Carlquist is thrilled to be a writer on the high post this year! Olivia is currently in her junior year at Greater Latrobe High School, and her first year on The High Post. Olivia is a dancer at Laurel Valley Academy of Dance, specializing in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, acro, and modern. She also enjoys helping teach preschool-age dance classes at her studio. Olivia is also a member of Mu Alpha Theta, the French National Honor Society, Interact Club, and Key Club. She is also an involved member of the Environmental Club, where she helps recycle materials from the school every week. When she is not at school or dance, you can find her spending time with her dog Winnie. Winnie is a lab-pitbull mix that she got during the pandemic. Olivia enjoys focusing on her academics and is a distinguished honor student. She plans on pursuing a career in child psychiatry in the future. Olivia is so excited to be a member of the High Post this year and to be able to write meaningful stories that convey what is going on at Greater Latrobe. She cannot wait to begin covering this year’s school events.
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Corey McHenry, Staff Writer
Corey McHenry is a junior at Greater Latrobe Senior High School. At school, she is involved in the Key Club, Interact Club, and Environmental Club. She is also in Mu Alpha Feta and the Spanish National Honor Society. Outside of school, she was a competitive gymnast for ten years where she trained at Elegance Elite and reached level eight. One of her biggest gymnastics accomplishments is becoming a  state bar champion. A few of her other interests include skiing, shopping, and hanging out with her friends and family. She is also an employee at the Meadows in Latrobe where she loves to serve and interact with customers. A few fun facts about her are that her favorite season is fall, she loves traveling to different places, and her favorite color is pink. Corey is so excited to have the opportunity to take journalism to learn and grow more as a writer and photographer.

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