Pippin Reviews

      Playing Pippin in Pippin definitely was not easy. There were so many things and people that made this possible, so without any further ado, I’ll get into it. First and foremost, the pit. Man, have these guys improved since I first saw them. They have worked so hard to try and make this show perfect. I get chills every time I get the privilege of singing with them because of how good they sound. Second, the cast! The ensemble really was able to bring this show’s magic to life. My friends have supported me non-stop throughout the show, and getting to perform with that group has been amazing. Third, my fellow leads. We’ve all worked so hard to make every scene perfect, and I am so happy with how it turned out. I learned so much from each and every one of them as a sophomore, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Fourth, to Sarah Hoffman. Without her, I am not Pippin. She has given me so much courage and happiness, and she was the first one to feel like I fit the role. When I was nervous, she was there. I can’t go into too much detail without getting a bit emotional, but she is such an amazing friend. Lastly, to the audience. The crowd, all three shows, was super energetic and interactive. All my jokes got a laugh, and when I took my final bow, I could feel their happiness. We perform for them, and to get as many people to attend as we did was amazing. 

Like I said before, I’m a little emotional writing this, so please don’t mind the grammar mistakes. I love Pippin, so so much, and I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.    

~Jack Dixon


I believe that Pippen deserves 5 stars. The performances and singing of my classmates was out of this world. It was really cool to see people that I see around school perform. I had no idea the talent of all of these kids. The set was nice, and it was cool to see how they alter the set for each scene. The heir to the throne of a young prince on his search for meaning and significance in life was a nice coming-of-age story. I don’t think that I understood the true talent of my classmates. They are really good singers and I thought they did such a great job.  ~Chloe Hill


Pippin was an amazing show and I am so glad I went to see it… This show was about King Charlemagne’s son trying to find the extraordinary in the ordinary life. He attempts the life of a soldier, the life of a king, and the life of a normal husband. Through these trials, he soon realized that the extraordinary is found in the ordinary and that he loves the ordinary woman, Catherine, who he married. He makes the choice to live this ordinary life much to the storyteller’s dismay. As the musical came to a close, the audience realized that this was all in his head and his idea and obsession with an extraordinary life was all a figment of his imagination. ~Katie Albaugh


On Sunday I went with a few friends Abbie Kunkelmann, Maddie Slader, and Aliza Yeager to see Pippin. I was very impressed and there wasn’t a moment during the play where I was like wow this is boring. Amazing things were happening left and right. One of my best friends Gia was a dancer and I am beyond proud of her. I loved all the costumes they were outstanding and the way they all performed was amazing. Im so glad I had the opportunity to go and see this play.  ~Sarah Guinther


This musical really intrigued me. I went with a couple of my good friends. I very much enjoyed their costumes, definitely one of my favorite parts. The actors really put all their emotions, heart, and soul into this. Sarah Hoffman did a phenomenal job. I used to do musicals with everyone in the jr. high and I really miss it. But I just have too many things going on to go back into it. I was really confused in the end but I did overall like this musical.  ~Ethan Hayes


It was a fantastic experience to see my friends Gia Angelicchio and Izzy Keslar in the show.  I really liked the musical. It was something different from what they usually do because this musical had the moral of the story to it.  Where a bad person aka Sarah persuaded Pippin and made him pick all these bad decisions down the wrong path.  It took me until the ending to realize the plot or point he chose to make the right decision at the end and pick Izzy and that he didn’t need all the fancy things to be happy, but their kid at the end is now going to go down all the wrong paths but we don’t know if the kid picked the right choice or not. I loved the whole thing and they are so blessed to have all the amazing singers and actors.  ~Abbie Kunkelmann


When I went to see Pippin on Saturday at two, I was so impressed at how they had people playing instruments live on stage. It really shocked me at how diverse the music department is, from accordion to guitar we have all types of skills in our school. I also liked how they never really faded to black for the stage crew to change the set, they just kinda shifted the stairs as needed. I really enjoyed getting to see the show. ~Madison Shaw


Chaotic, Confusing, but Impressive. The show was definitely different from what I had expected. From what it seemed, it was a show within a show, and I think that concept is really interesting. However, I feel like the storyline for Pippin was all over the place. It was hard to follow what was happening, and It did not seem like there was a direct answer to what was happening. 

Even though Pippin was not my favorite storyline, I loved the actors and actresses in the show. It is always crazy to realize how much talent teenagers have. Everyone did a wonderful job performing and portraying their characters. I specifically was so excited for one of my best friends, Jack. It was so exciting for him to be a sophomore and get one of the lead roles. He did a phenomenal job, even hitting the high notes. I know he will continue on to do amazing things with music, and I am so happy for him. One of my other best friends, Izzy, was a lead character in the musical. She also did an amazing job. I hope to continue watching these two perform throughout high school, and possibly even in college. 

I will definitely go to the musical next year if my friends are in it.   ~Violet Deist


On Saturday I went to go support my classmates in the production of Pippin. I went to also support my friend Gia Angelicchio. Gia was a dancer and she did such an awesome job and I am very proud of her. I got to see her after the show and brought her a bouquet of flowers to show her my love and support as her friend. (attached a picture) Overall I thought Pippin was a really good performance. One of my favorite scenes that I thought really brought the play to life was when Pippin, Catherine, and Theo were the only ones left on stage and  it was all dark with no lights, no color, or even costumes. (just plain white tee shirts) Then Theo started singing and all of the sudden the lights and “magic” came back to life. I think everyone in Pippin did such a fantastic job no matter what role they played. It is amazing to see all of the crew’s hard work pay off into such a fantastic show.  ~Mason Gresh


I really enjoyed watching Pippin Sunday night (3/12). I originally went on Friday (3/3) to witness the first performance, but I, unfortunately, got to witness a power outage instead. However, I was lucky enough to go Sunday night with friends to see some of my best friends perform and show their talent. Jack Dixon’s and Izzy Keslar’s characters were my favorites, and I was so amazed at how well they performed. Overall, I thought the actors did a great job performing, and they definitely have a lot of potential. The show overall was kind of confusing to me and hard to follow in some places, but the ending was good, and I think that’s what matters. However, the show team did a great job with the set and props. So I really enjoyed watching the show, and I can’t wait to see some of my friends shine again in the upcoming shows in the future! ~Tim Myers


Pippin was a very good show. I love how they used the same set the whole time and just made very small adjustments to make it work for all the scenes. I loved the makeup on all the actors and actresses. It was overall a beautiful show and I’m very good friends with Izzy(Catherine) and Jack(Pippin) and the chemistry on stage was so real. I cried because of how cute they looked. The way they looked at each other was just too much. My absolute favorite part was the very end when they were stripped of their costumes and music and yet they continued to sing and it was just amazing.  ~Bailey Olson


I thought the musical was really good.  My favorite character was the Game Maker, played by Sarah Hoffman.  I feel like her character almost represented teh devil in a sense by trying to steer Pippin away from praying and leading him to temptations.  She tried showing people everything they could have if they followed her and did what she told them.  I really liked the scene where she was taking Pippin and Catherines costumes off and they stood there together while everything around them was getting taken away.  It really showed how they have come together and stood by each other no matter what even if they lost everything around them.~Aliza Yeager