Homecoming Traditions at GLSH changed by Global Pandemic


Seniors: Sara Sakalousky, Gracie Wetzel, Emma Fenton, Carly Stas, and Annie Duda. Juniors: Sarah Matsko and Paige Kunkelmann. Sophomores: Lily Fenton and Arielle Teppert. Freshman: Elle Snyder and Emma Rowsick

It is this time of year that students would be buying their dresses and suits, making homecoming proposal posters, participating in spirit week, buying tickets for the dance, ordering flowers, making dinner reservations and photo arrangements, yet all of that this year has simply seemed to be forgotten and overlooked considering the current circumstances. 

Due to Covid-19 yet another annual event has had to be postponed this year. Students at this point are not surprised as large events getting canceled is something we have all become used to. 

According to Camille Dominick, president of interact club, the annual club parade has been canceled. She said, “Due to covid restrictions of not being able to give candy or be in close proximity we decided to forego the traditional parade leading to the homecoming game”.

Advisor of the student council, Mrs. Houck, is reluctant that if restrictions open up a dance will be in the works.  “Because of indoor limitations and indoor social distancing we cannot host a dance. When indoor restrictions open up we will definitely have something planned.” It is simply too difficult to properly social distance in our space available with the number of people that attend dances. “It is upsetting because I didn’t get to go last year and this year I am also missing it,” said sophomore Megan Davis. 

To bring wildcat spirit in the high school building, during the week of October 19 through October 23 students have dressed up as different themes each day of the week to celebrate homecoming and show school pride.. Monday was wear your favorite college gear, tiki Tuesday, western Wednesday, throwback Thursday, and wildcat spirit Friday.

The high school also decided to bring back a friendly competition called the battle of the halls. With a particular theme, each grade level was given the opportunity to decorate their hallway with streamers, balloons, and other decorations. The seniors changed the upper hallway near the commons into a roaring 20s theme. Juniors transformed the upper S hallway into a flashback to the 90s. Sophomores in upper C took us back in time to the 70s. Freshmen turned the upper H hallway into an 80s theme.  

Although having no homecoming dance has saddened the students, the high school is trying to make the best out of the current situation by still having a homecoming court and following on with tradition. The student body nominated two girls from each grade level to be on the court and represent each class. The tradition of the homecoming game will still continue on October 23 still taking into consideration of covid guidelines and restrictions. The court will be announced during half time and walk across the field with their guardian.  The suspense will be relieved when a 2020 homecoming queen is announced. 

The seniors on the court include Annie Duda, Emma Fenton, Sara Sakalousky, and Carly Stas, and Gracie Wetzel. To be nominated by peers on the homecoming court is a tradition and honor regardless of covid.  Each one represents the 2020 student class with wildcat pride.