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GLHS Students Dive into the Heart of New Orleans.

     Embarking on an exciting journey to New Orleans, Louisiana is life-changing. Nineteen Greater Latrobe High School students and two educators will take on NOLA. From January 4 – January 8, 2024, with the expertise and planning of travel agent Jewel Rozanski and chaperones Mrs. Katie Zalewski and Mr. Jeffrey Duda, This carefully planned jam-packed four days in Louisiana promises an immersive and wide view of the history in New Orleans and the culture found in Louisiana. 

Rozanski, from CultureED Travel, and Zalewski created an itinerary guaranteed to display all aspects of New Orleans culture.  The two traveled to New Orleans to get a scope of what they think will be impactful for students to experience. They have been collaborating and planning for over a year to ensure that all nineteen students will get the most out of their trip. 

“I went in 2021 [to New Orleans] with our tour director Jewel and I really had my eyes opened to just how much culture there is. Not even just French culture but how much of a port city it is. It’s a lot like Ellis Island in how many immigrants come through there… It was a huge realization. It really just caught my eye, and I’m so glad that I went there [ahead of time]. I knew I needed to bring students,” said Mrs. Zalewski. 

New Orleans geographically is a historically and militarily important location, being a coastal city. New Orleans is a melting pot of culture. A tour through the National World War Two Museum and a four-dimensional viewing of the movie Beyond All Boundaries made the itinerary. Students will also have a guided tour through the Cabildo – the building where the Louisiana Purchase was signed. 

For the students attending this trip who prefer art and architecture over war history, part of the trip includes tours through the New Orleans Museum of Art along with a few hours to explore Mardi Gras World. There they will be able to see many of the floats seen in Mardi Gras parades in previous years. 

For students who enjoy the sight of impressive and historical architecture an hour and a half of the trip has been dedicated to seeing the Presbytere, an architecturally important aspect of the French corridor of New Orleans. 

“I am excited to see the St. Louis Cathedral and get to see its architecture,” said senior Jianna Kaczmarkiewicz. Jianna is hoping to go to college to study architecture, so this is a great opportunity for her. 

“I’ve been working on this with Jewel for about a year and a half, and the most exciting part is just figuring out what all we want to pack into our four days. We want to be educational but still make it fun and see a variety of things – a balance not just all museums and not all just walking around, trying to mix it up and keep it interesting. Doing the World War Two Museum and a museum of modern art, but then get us out like at the plantation and experiencing hands-on sorts of things,” said Zalewski.  

“I couldn’t possibly choose a day I’m most looking forward to, because I’m so excited,” said Jiannia Kaczmarkiewicz

In gearing up for the New Orleans adventure, attention turns to the core reasoning behind the planning and traveling of this trip. The focus turns to what makes being in a place full of history and culture so special, emphasizing the importance of genuine experiences. 

“There is so much more than just a paper or a video. Actually being there, in person, really brings it alive and helps you to make connections, and meet people living in different places. Experiencing things outside of the classroom, I think is an amazing opportunity and I wish I could do it with everybody,” said Mrs. Zalewski  

“I thought it was a fun opportunity, so might as well take advantage of it,” said Kaczmarkiewicz. 

As the group gets ready to explore Louisiana, the focus on simplicity and collecting everlasting memories sets the tone for the extraordinary adventure these students and chaperones are about to partake in.

This meticulously planned New Orleans expedition exploring Louisiana’s history and culture will be an immersive experience for all nineteen students that will bring to life what these students are learning with paper and pencil in the classroom. 

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