When will We Live again?


COVID-19 is real no one can deny. But the argument lies when we discuss moving on. In the beginning months of the outbreak life came to a halt. Businesses were shut down, hospitals closed, and school was moved to a virtual environment. During this time people were in fear and kept themselves in their houses without contact from anyone else. But we are now on our sixth month of the pandemic and the question now is; when will we live again?

The debate on whether to open businesses up again or not is a big argument. Restaurants like Dinos have had their doors open as much as possible. But even during the shutdown they continued to serve takeout. Many believe that we should wait out the pandemic in hopes of stopping the spread. Another restaurant,The Tin Lizzy , didn’t wear masks or take the correct precautions. They were shut down and couldn’t open their doors. The other side of the argument would be to take precautions, but open up schools, businesses and for life to return to semi-normal. 

   From speaking to students in my area, I know that many kids have struggled by learning remotely. The teaching-from-home isn’t the same as in-school learning. Senior Carleigh Johnson mentioned, “I didn’t like having to teach myself without the help of a teacher.”  The majority of the school is glad to be going back full time and believe that it will help them.  On the other hand we have to worry that there may be a spike in cases as a result of this choice.  Recently we have had three cases in our high school. We haven’t had enough cases to shut down but if the issue wasn’t handled the right way it could cause the school to shut down again. The schools are required to enforce students to social distance and wear masks. They haven’t done a great job with enforcement though. I see people all of the time take off their masks or walk very close in the hallways. I have even seen staff without masks when walking in the halls with students. Our school needs to step up and keep our school safe and follow the precautions.

There are facts to support both sides of the argument. Many people believe that staying in your houses, keeping businesses closed, and not seeing people is not living. They want life to go back to normal, with parties, shopping, and walking down the streets without wearing a mask. I personally think that life should go back to normals. We should obviously wear masks in public, but public places should open to full capacity and that life should return to normal.We don’t know when that time will come or if it will ever come. One can only hope to go back to living in the life we once knew. Life has changed but, when will we live again?