New Drivers like Ryley Quinn like new freedoms


Finally, total freedom sets in as young drivers start the ignition for the first time. What seems like innocent fun on the outside, and a basic necessity, teenagers behind the wheel can lead to unexpected danger. What can prepare them for the road rage and incoming texts? The Drivers Education course is filled with skill-building throughout all road conditions. 

Going into driving, nerves seem to take a toll on new and inexperienced drivers. Not knowing what to do, and simply needing to be taught is what they need, “In Drivers Education, we teach students to  focused on the road in front of them and the other drivers around them. They get to hear a different perspective on driving and communicating with other motorists out on the roads. I took driver training when I was in school and learned a lot of good tips and suggestions that I still use today,” said Mr. McCombie, the driver’s education instructor at Greater Latrobe School District.   

Mr. McCombie is always inspired to share his love of driving with incoming students. Helping them find their way through the path of driving brings him joy. Though it can be a rocky road with students making mistakes and getting distracted, he loves that it is his job to prevent future accidents. “I remember being 16 and wanting to get my license. It was awesome to have the freedom to jump in a car and take a drive. Accidents happen, but if I can help prevent some of them by teaching drivers ed I will continue to do it into the foreseeable future,” explained McCombie. Mr. McCombie drove down the winding and curving roads finally feeling that sense of freedom. Opened windows with air blasting into his face, he wanted nothing more than to share that unforgettable experience with aspiring drivers.

As sophomores start to move their way up in life, the time comes to receive their license. Ryley Quinn has just earned the achievement of having one of her very own. As she drove down the Pennsylvania roads for the first time “nervous” is the best word to describe the emotions running through her. Over the course of six months with a permit, she loosened up. Each time she decided to head out on the road she calmed down, and it became regular to occasionally have to avoid potholes and keep control on the usual sharp turns. “Driving is more natural to me now and has made me more careful and aware of what I’m doing at all times to keep safe,” explained Ryley. 

What everyone truly wants when they receive the freedom of driving, is to see their friends and family. It is a recurring issue to make plans, just to not have a ride. “I definitely looked forward to being able to hang out with friends easily and being able to go different places with them and have the freedom of going places when I want to,” said Ryley. Growing up comes with responsibilities, but overall it is what you can do with those responsibilities to make yourself happy. 

Driving is always going to be a challenge that needs to be faced. It is part of your future, and just a fraction of what being an adult is truly like. Though it sounds scary at first, there are always role models and teachers that can help you along the way.