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Mia Garbeglio, Staff Writer

Mia is a Sophomore at Greater Latrobe Senior High School. She has always had a passion for writing, and is excited to express that in Multimedia Journalism this year. Though she has had opportunities to do so past years in English class, writing for The High Post allows more freedom and creativity. After high school Mia is still uncertain about her exact plans, but she leans towards the fashion and art field since she loves that the most. In her free time she often creates art, is with her friends, or is found shopping. She is big on uniqueness and loves diversity. One day she wishes to travel the world to see all of the diversity and have new experiences. As of right now, since Mia is too young to drive or travel alone, she loves watching movies and listening to music. Her favorite type of movie goes perfectly with this season, considering it is Horror movies. As for Mia’s taste in music it has a wide range, it goes from 1950’s hits on vinyl to alternative grunge played on modern devices. She does not see why certain types of music are hated. She appreciates them all, and admires that hard work put in music, though she does not create it herself. Mia is ecstatic to be back at school five days a week. She believes it will be easier to keep track of homework assignments now, since she is horrible at doing so. This also means she will be back at school with her best friends, which is her number one priority. A lot of kids liked having most of the week off in hybrid due to Covid, but for her it was simply stressful. Now that the school is back on track Mia will put forth all of her effort to find the latest scoop, and is thrilled to do so in Multimedia Journalism.

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Mia Garbeglio