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Allied Health Internship Tour of the Astounding Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital


If you would like to work in the medical field taking Allied Health is a great opportunity to really open your eyes and get a feel of what part of healthcare interests you the most. On October 4 the Allied Health internship class went on a tour to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh that opened its doors in 1890 with only 15 beds at the time. Once there they got to see the inner workings of the hospital and had a conference with several of the various healthcare professionals. 

15  students were part of this experience and a couple of them were from the neighboring school Derry Area High School with their teacher Mrs. McCreery. These students are in the EWCTC internship class Allied Health. All the students were interested in future vocations in the healthcare field and this class is a great experience for preliminary job shadowing to figure out what interests them the most. 

At the conference that was just held for the students, there was a presentation of information about the building and hospital in general and a breakdown of three people’s jobs. The jobs that were being presented were not the ones that people usually think of but represented a surgical technician, a nurse, and a respiratory therapist manager. They all differed and had different day-to-day responsibilities. The nurse had a whole floor to cover and go patient to patient taking care of their specific needs whereas the surgical technician could have a surgery or multiple surgeries to assist with. This shows the different jobs held at the hospital. 

The first floor where they started at the ER, they were taken to the trauma unit, to the MRI area, and the tour guides pointed out how open the area was and how welcoming the environment felt. The unique paintings that could appeal to any person, any age, from anywhere contributed to this welcoming environment. People could relate all of the paintings and really make people feel special. There were paintings from steelers players to paintings of lakes.

The tour guides then took the students up to the helicopter pad where they were in awe of the view of the whole city of Pittsburgh. The helicopter pads are for helicopters that take off and land with patients in critical condition and when an ambulance wouldn’t be fast enough.

After that marvelous view, they ventured to the outpatient area of the hospital and then proceeded to the inpatient area.

 At the inpatient area, they saw the different playrooms the hospital provided for their young patients, as well as the library area, and the art and music therapy sections. 

The research building was an area on the tour where the students didn’t go in but learned a bit about what happens within that sector. The guides told the students that seven of the center’s 10 stories are dedicated to medical research activities and that Children’s pediatric research program is one of the fastest growing in the country.

The final stop on the tour was the cafeteria where the students ate and reflected on this informative day. 

The hallway leading up to the cafeteria was a timeline of the hospital and also a timeline of Pittsburgh history which was very interesting to learn about all of the accomplishments both the city and the hospital has achieved. Michael Naggy, who is an Allied Health student, said that the tour “made me realize how comforting of an environment it is there. It really just seems like one big family.”

The tour really opened Emmersyn White’s eyes. She said, “I didn’t realize how many small details were considered in the building process and how much of an impact certain elements they provide have on the kids and the overall environment.” 

WIth careers from a security guard, to a surgical technician, or to a music therapist the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is a terrific place to work, encompassing a historic,remarkable place to which many of the teens want to be involved.

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