Sprouting for Health


Though my mouth is covered,

I have plenty to speak of,

For my words have articulated 

And sculpted through the year,

My opinions and perspective 

Of not only myself, but the world

Have changed for the better


I read articles and speeches,

Hearing the pain of the world

From each mouth of not a victim,

But rather survivor of this year

For all it has brought us 

And all we have brought it,

We will never be the same 


Though change is natural,

Union is a battle

A Battle we must fight 

To unite as one for our world

For us as a race,

The human race 

Is a beautiful thing


I have walked miles with protesters,

And released my beliefs 

I have self-taught of this virus,

And discipline I have obtained

I have put others first 

When I was not troubled or in danger,

Though love of myself when lost I was.


I stand here now,

Still fighting for others

While growing adolescence 

In a time of maturity

Where loved ones have past,

And others have sorrowed

I wish them my blessings.