Family Importance


The way that I have changed this year is that I have come to understand how important family is. Family is one of the most important things to me and this pandemic made me care for them even more. Another thing is that I have become more responsible and I am thinking more about my future. Now that I am thinking more about my future I am planning for things and I’m thinking about what I want to do when I leave high school. The pandemic also affected me mentally. The pandemic took away all of my motivation to do a lot of things. Now when I go to do something it takes me a while because of my lack of motivation for most things. The pandemic also affected me and my friends. We used to hang out every weekend and now we barely hang out at all. The pandemic has screwed up my entire way of life and caused me to have to change to be able to make it through the challenges of the pandemic. Even though the pandemic has been really bad some good things have still happened to me this year, for instance, I got to start at EWCTC which is something very important to me. So even though there has been a lot of bad in this pandemic you have to find the good things and concentrate on them.