The Pandemic.

The Pandemic.

On those many days ago

A time so far gone

Who knew our lives would be changed

By the hands that seek to do wrong.

Panic spread through the air

More so than the disease

With expectations never met

While the people shout their plee.

Misconceptions formed in that of a fog

Rage and conflict spread at once

Who ever would have guessed

That it only was a nuance.

They saw we live in a historic time

And to that we say we do

But the guides of which is wrong

A prison for me and you.

Trapped inside the realm they live

Killing ambitions of many years

With a conclusion established before assurance

Bringing many Americans to tears.

While those who seek to capitalize

Taking that of which is left

With no means to sustain themselves

And a fate to be seen yet.

With pressure building up

With people sick of all the lies

It was only inevitable that a horror

Would be that to catalyze. 

Sparking statements of destruction

That which would make the problem worse

While the war of bickering raged on

Ripping society from its course.

And established all the while

The success from that of above

Once again constricting the freedoms

With the corruption all but loved.

The pandemic has spread

Its virus through our veins

Undetectable by science

But our greatest source of pain.