Covid Leading to the Best Post-Secondary Decision


Staring through a blue light screen is our new way of communication. Looking back at twenty students and a teacher for six hour days is the norm these days as students all around the world are experiencing the life changing effects of Covid. 2021 graduates are feeling the pressure of picking a school amidst the pandemic, wondering if Covid will be gone by the time they start college. And with no in-person classes, taking campus tours are almost impossible right now. Many 2020 graduates made the choice to take a year off or pick a college closer to home as most universities went fully remote. Some continued on their original paths despite Covid, while Jennifer Depree made a tough choice as to what she was going to do.

Jenn, a GLSH 2020 graduate, has a personality uniquely to her. She is a fun-loving girl with a little bit of humor mixed in. While sometimes she might be a little all over the place, Jenn is a smart, hardworking student who was set to attend Queens University of Charlotte Honors College in North Carolina. Jenn said, “stepping on campus felt like a home away from home and I instantly knew that’s where I wanted to go.” However, after finding out that many schools were going online including Queens, her plans made a 360 degree turn for what turned out to be her best decision.

All throughout senior year, Jenn talked about how much she could not wait to leave home, high school, and start a new chapter in her life. “ At first, I was very disappointed about not being able to attend Queens, but now I am so thankful that I ended up not going. I instead got the opportunity to see what else is out there other than just going away to college,” Jenn explained. 

She decided to stay home and attend WCCC. Jenn said,“ with the pandemic, my scholarships were taken away, so financially it was a better decision to go to WCCC since both schools were switching to online.”  She adds, “I don’t mind living at home, but I do feel in order to mature you need some space away.” By not having to pay for room and board, Jenn is saving roughly 10,000 a semester.

At Queens, Jenn was planning on majoring in pre physical therapy, but that changed soon after her decision to go to WCCC. She said, “ I looked at other options and decided on a two year program majoring in sonography. In the end, this was going to save me thousands of dollars. With this degree, I would love to do ultrasounds and maybe later on down the road go back to school to pursue fetal surgery.”

After looking at all the programs offered at WCCC Jenn said, “It really opened my eyes into how much our local community college offers at such an affordable price.” 

Starting her sophomore year of high school, Jenn joined the cross country team. She loved the camaraderie of the small girls team as well as the running. As much as she liked the sport, she was not planning on running at Queens, but rather just on her own time. At WCCC they had asked her to run for their team, so Jenn of course said yes.This was just another benefit to attending WCCC. “ Running at WCCC was such an amazing opportunity and I’m so glad I decided to do it,” said Jenn.

 Wolfpack xc, as they are known as, had a great season, finishing 3rd at the National Championships in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Personally for Jenn, she finished 12th overall. Earlier in the season, Jenn won the whole race at the Region Championship in Maryland. WCCC doesn’t have a track program, but they have a spring cross country that Jenn is planning to do. 

All in all, without Covid, Jenn’s future would have been in North Carolina studying physical therapy, but instead she is in Pennsylvania studying sonography. She has had the chance to experience many opportunities, from running to being involved in a two year program. Although this is not what Jenn had in mind, the challenges and obstacles thrown her way brought her to this decision, which in the end is one of happiness.