Aiden Kammerer Finding Success On Every Lacrosse Field


Tikaya Rand

Aiden Kammerer, number fifty-six, demonstrated his lacrosse talents during a varsity home game against Shaler.

Passionate, dedicated, and hardworking are the three words that adequately describe the freshman athlete, Aiden kammerer. This Latrobe lacrosse player has been playing the sport he loves since he a very young age and has been working on improving his many skills each year. It hasn’t been easy however, as it has taken Kammerer a lot to get to where he is today. He has played for numerous different teams throughout the past few years in order to gain experience and meet new teammates who continue to encourage him everyday.

It all began one day as Kammerer walked into the local Five Below and noticed “a cool thing with a net,” which turned out to be a lacrosse stick. Kammerer immediately asked his dad to buy him one and the rest is history. Kammerer explained, “I had no idea that my best friend, Dom Cuda, was playing lacrosse in the spring, so I decided to take the chance and play alongside him.” 

The game came easily to Kammerer as he was already a hard-working and determined young athlete. Kammerer said, “I make sure to keep my head on straight at all times in order to stay in line with reaching every goal that I set for myself.” This mindset ultimately helped him advance in his game from a very young age. 

Not only was his mindset a factor, but he has had many coaches that have helped him improve and shape his game as well. Kammerer said, “While all of my coaches have helped me tremendously, three coaches in particular are Coach Cuda, Coach Rualo, and Coach Kahoun.” 

Coach Cuda has been there supporting and teaching Kammerer since his very first lacrosse game, and now continues to do so as his high school coach. He has watched him grow not only as a lacrosse player, but as a successful young student athlete as well. 

Kammerer also pays tribute to Coach Jeremy Rualo who is actively helping him through the recruiting process. Kammerer said, “Coach Rualo is doing all that he can to get me in the best position possible, so that I can have a successful lacrosse career in the near future.” Coach Rualo is also Kammerer’s faceoff coach, and helps him improve his faceoff skills, which is only a part of Kammerer’s talent that he brings to each team.

Coach Kraig Kahoun means a lot to him as well. Kammerer said, “Coach Kahoun is like a father to me. He treats me as one of his own and is always there for me whenever I need him.” He is also Kammerer’s travel team coach.

While Kammerer appreciates all of his coaches, he doesn’t rely completely on them to prepare him for an upcoming season. In order to stay fit, Kammerer said, “When I prepare for a season, I lift five to six times a week, run three days a week, and play lacrosse everyday just to fine-tune my skills.” Although it is a lot of work, Kammerer wouldn’t want it any other way as he has big goals that he would like to achieve in the future.

Kammerer said, “My ultimate goal is to play division I lacrosse at either UNC-Chapel Hill or Yale University, where I can study and prepare to pursue a career as a doctor. I would also like to be a part of the top twenty-five recruits in the class of 2024.”

While he is only a freshman, it is clear that Kammerer certainly has the skills and the drive that is needed for him to reach his goals in the future. He said, “I will continue to work hard, and I can’t wait to see what I accomplish from here on out.”