Life Beyond Latrobe


While Cam Dominick was playing football in sixth grade, Cam went in for the sack, got hit from behind, and never got up. Cam suffered a severe C-7 fracture in his neck while playing football. Through his road to recovery, his passion for the game of football is what drove him forward to work his way back. His mentality was knowing that he wasn’t going to finish this game, but he needed to get back for the next game. Little did he know that the injury would limit him to never play football again. 

“My parents kind of told me that I could play football again, and that’s what kind of motivated me to kind of get back and to recover,” said Cam. 

Both of Cam’s parents wanted Cam to have a normal life going forward after his injury.

  “And then once I was ready to get cleared, then that’s when my parents told me that the doctors said I couldn’t play football again. So just trust the process and work hard,” said Dominick. 

Cam was heartbroken. He knew that he wanted to be a part of football, the sport he loved, in some sort of way. 

He got involved in football in a different way compared to doing nothing all the time. So he decided to become more involved with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Cam became a ball boy for the team when he was 15 years old. 

Cam was contemplating where he wanted to write the next chapter of his life at. He was deciding between West Virginia University and the University of Pittsburgh. He ended up choosing Pitt to continue working with and having a relationship with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but also to work with the Pitt Panthers

Things all around the country have been changed. Coivd has flipped our world upside down from what it once was, and some of those changes come in the world of sports. All sports have been affected by the changes. There have been so many changes to this year, the NFL almost didn’t even have a season, and the people who work for each NFL team wouldn’t have a job this season. “I can’t even start. There’s just so many changes and protocols put into place this year for the safety of all staff and players. It’s incredible all the things that they are doing,” Dominick said about the changes in adapting to Covid-19. 

“I would just say to work hard, do everything you can to come back, and that everything happens for a reason. Maybe if you got hurt, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. There’s maybe another opportunity that you’re supposed to have in life. You gotta just surround yourself with good people and that are going to help you,” Dominick said on how you can strive to come back after the injury he went through. 

Cam has built relationships through his job, not only with the people he works with but also through some of the players.

Cam has worked hard to get to the position he’s now in with both the Pitt Panthers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. This just shows everyone that you should never give up on what you can do, and how you can achieve those certain goals you have set for yourself. 

Through all of his challenges, his father has been his biggest supporter. When Cam was able to play football again, his father was the one that pushed him to become more involved in other sports. He pushed Cam to become more involved with the Steelers and get him to the point where he is at in his life. 

From his early childhood, Cam Dominick has always loved the sport of football. He loved playing for the Greater Latrobe Midget Football Association. He passionately watched the Pittsburgh Steelers. That passion has gone with him through attending Steelers training camp but also helping the team during their training camp in late July and early August nearly every year.  That’s where his story continues from beyond the classrooms of Greater Latrobe Senior High School.