Girls’ Basketball: Striving for Success


Timeless Expressions

Seniors Lexi McNeil, Ava Vitula, Lexi Weatherton, and Rachel Ridilla standing on their home court and enjoying the team’s picture day.

The Greater Latrobe Girls varsity basketball team is doing all that they can to continue to persevere through their challenging yet successful season that they are having thus far. While these girls are used to putting in the hard work in order to maintain their winning records, things haven’t been entirely the same this year. If anything, they have had to work harder. Along with their hard work, comes their determined mindset, fitness and strength sessions, skill work, and team-bonding exercises, which is exactly what has aided in their current success.

Lexi Weatherton, the senior and starting point guard, is a great contributor to her team and their accomplishments. She had explained that due to the coronavirus her senior season has been greatly affected, however, she is making the most of what she can. 

Lexi said, “Although I’m grateful that we’re having a season, it’s hard to grasp the fact that it won’t be a normal one. We aren’t going to get to play every team that we usually end up facing, due to some school’s having covid and the specific requirements during game play.”

While Lexi hs had to experience changes alongside her teammates, she hasn’t let these unfortunate factors hinder her mindset. “I’m still going to go out on the court and give it my all no matter what, just like I always have”, Weatherton said.

It’s very important for her and her teammates to keep their determined mindset, especially when preparing for the tough and grueling season ahead. Weatherton said, “In order to stay in shape during the off season, my teammates and I have attended numerous Coach Jury workouts. This helps us prepare for the demanding physical aspect of the game.” 

While the girls were able to attend these workouts leading up to their season, a few of the season practices were put on hold due to growing coronavirus cases around the local area. “It was horrible when a few of our seasonal practices were cancelled. We weren’t able to practice together as a team and it was hard knowing that our opponents may have been doing the opposite. However, we still didn’t let this get in the way of enhancing our skills. We kept ourselves busy practicing drills by ourselves on our own time”, said Weatherton.

Not only were a few practices taken away from the girls, but their opportunity to bond as a team was put on hold as well. Weatherton said, “Over the shutdown, we would get onto google meet twice a week with all of the coaches and girls. During this time, we would discuss what the season would look like, when we would start up again, and how we were supposed to use the workouts that were sent out to stay in shape. While this was just part of our time spent together on meet, we spent the majority of the time just catching up with everyone and making our bonds stronger with each other.” 

However, even while facing these inconveniences, the girls basketball team has found a way to continue their accomplishments on the court. Weatherton said, “I think our overall record will look really good this year. It will be challenging getting to that point, but if we put our minds to it, we can most definitely do anything together.”

The team has already won three big games against Franklin Regional, Mckeesport, and Gateway. If they keep up their hard work, and maintain that determined mindset, this team of girls is destined for great success this season.