EWCTC Students Affected by Covid


Sophomore Sarah Hickman adjusts her camera, focusing on the subject of her next photo. The bright lights make her mask hot and uncomfortable to wear. It’s, to her, an annoying reminder of the present situation that’s occurring both nationally and locally.

Greater Latrobe hasn’t been the only school recently impacted by Covid-19 and the guidelines that come with it. It’s also been changing life for students at nearby schools, including EWCTC (Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center), a school that some Latrobe students attend to gain technical knowledge and training. Masks and social distancing is required. Areas and equipment are disinfected to prevent the spread of the virus. These guidelines have been in place since the beginning of the school year, and have been affecting the student’s lives since then.

However, these guidelines and changes aren’t perfect for everyone. Sarah details how hard it can be to even just take a photo while following the new guidelines — the lights can make wearing a mask uncomfortable, and it can be challenging to take a good photograph of someone while maintaining a space of six feet to social distance. Besides being uncomfortable, Covid also limits the work she can do. Not every photo idea can be done while following the school’s restrictions. The guidelines become an obstacle for her to get over so she can get her work done. 


Along with her discomfort, she expresses worry, for herself and her fellow students who have to work in conditions that don’t work well with masks. Along with photography students taking pictures with bright and hot lights, she gives the welding students as an example, who sometimes have to work in high heat.

Hickman smiles to have her photo taken by another EWCTC student

The guidelines are, of course, necessary, especially as Covid cases rise not only in Pennsylvania but nationwide. Sarah acknowledges, “There’s a ninety-nine percent chance that I could survive catching the virus… But there’s also that one percent.” She worries about the risk involved, even behind taking a photograph. As frustrating as working with the rules are, precautions are becoming increasingly important. 

Lives are being changed nationwide as Covid-19 continues to be an issue. EWCTC isn’t the only school to be affected by the virus. However, it is still a problem here in our community, and precautions are necessary to help fix it. So as difficult they can make life sometimes, they’re still important to follow.