At-Home Halloween Activities


Trick-or-Treating. Partying with friends. Many traditional Halloween activities can be seen as unsafe this year due to Covid-19. In “safe” activities, masks are worn and people are able to stay socially distanced. That idea doesn’t quite match with what is considered a normal Halloween. Normal trick-or-treating can even pose a threat– going to many people’s houses, sometimes with others crowded around, to receive a treat directly from them. However, many amazing activities are available that you can participate in from home that avoid the risk of getting sick. 

Carving pumpkins is a classic Halloween tradition, and thankfully it’s an easy way to celebrate the holiday and still social distance. For pumpkin carving, designs can be made with a stencil or drawn freehand. You can go for the classic Jack-O-Lantern with triangle eyes and a toothy grin. Or you can try a different approach, from recreating a popular character to carving a fun design. For a more colorful design, try painting the pumpkin instead of carving. All that’s needed is a good pumpkin, a marker, and paint. A good pumpkin is smooth and flat on the bottom. Carve or decorate your pumpkins with friends or family for more fun. They can even be displayed outside when you’re done.

Having a Halloween movie night is another good way to get into the Halloween spirit. Watch some Halloween themed or scary movies and shows. Some good options include Stranger Things, Hotel Transylvania, and Goosebumps. A family movie night can be extra fun with treats or costumes. It’s also possible to watch a movie with friends over a video call. 

Baking is another fun (and tasty) way to celebrate Halloween. Try making some treats and snacks such as pumpkin bread, cupcakes, or shaped cookies. No-bake treats are also an option for something that takes less effort but is just as delicious. Popcorn Hands are one of those treats and only need three ingredients. Put one piece of candy corn into each finger of a disposable glove. Then fill the rest of the glove with popcorn and tie it off. There are lots of other fun and easy recipes to try online. 

It’s still possible to participate in trick-or-treating this year, and avoiding the virus is easier when some precautions are taken. Be sure to wear a mask, whether you plan to trick-or-treat or to give treats. Use hand sanitizer after interacting with other people. Wash your hands with warm water and soap after coming home. Also wash your hands before and after enjoying treats. To follow social distancing guidelines, the CDC has advised avoiding direct contact with trick-or-treaters. You can do this by leaving out a bowl of candy or leaving treats out for trick-or-treaters to take. 

Even though Halloween might not happen as expected this year, there are still many safe and fun activities available. If you’re at home and want to have some Halloween fun or celebrate the holiday, try one of these!