Girls Latrobe Soccer: The Road to Playoffs


Makenna Malone

Senior players Sanova Henschel, Chloe Willochell, and Hannah Klimek having fun together after a rainy practice. This practice was one of many used to prepare for important section games.

The Greater Latrobe Girls varsity soccer team is a persevering and powerful unit. These girls haven’t always had the best of luck despite the hard work and efforts that they have  put forth during the past few seasons. You would think that the amount of blood, sweat and tears these girls shed would secure them a spot in playoffs every year, however, that hasn’t been the case in quite a few years until now. With summer pickups, mandatory fitness sessions, and regular season practices held every day, this team of dedicated girls has been working harder than ever before to change that usual outcome and secure their spot in the playoffs this fall. 

Every summer that rolls around is a new beginning for the Latrobe girls soccer team. The pickup practices that are held twice a week are one of the many ways the incoming freshmen get acquainted with their new teammates. It is here that the girls learn each other’s playing styles and what works best for them in order to maintain the fluidity needed in their play. Freshman Ella Bulava said, “The extra time spent with our teammates brought us all closer together and really gave us the feeling of being a part of a family rather than just a team.”

In addition to these pickup practices, the girls also have the option to attend Coach Jury’s fitness and strength training sessions held twice a week in the fieldhouse weight room. The girls work tirelessly and run their legs into the ground in order to build the appropriate stamina that is needed to be in “soccer shape” as head coach Jamie Morrison puts it. While these pickup and fitness sessions last for only two  months of the summer, the girls must be prepared come the beginning of August, for this is the start of the mandatory season. This year, the girls are in better shape than years past. 

In fact, Allderdice girls soccer head coach, Jeremiah Dugan, complimented the team on their outstanding performance stating, “Your girls never stopped running.” This was quite the compliment, proving that our grueling workouts had finally been recognized once they were put to the test.

Although the girls had their fitness down pat, they have been faced with other seasonal challenges relating to the game. Senior Maddie Delucio said, “So far, our biggest challenges this season have been keeping our bodies healthy and keeping our confidence levels up after tough games.” 

Unfortunately, the team has suffered quite a few injuries in the 2020 season. Varsity goalkeeper Soia DeCerb,  sustained a mild concussion and could potentially be out for the remainder of the season. While DeCerb is a big asset to the team, freshman Corinne Brunetto, has brought her A game in the games following DeCerb’s absence.

 Another unfortunate injury comes from one of many juniors, Claire Gerard. Claire tore her ACL in the first few minutes of the game played against Hempfield. Gerard  just recently had a successful surgery that will begin her long road to recovery. 

Due to these misfortunes, the team had to alter the lineup in order to maintain  strength and balance on the field. 

While confidence may be a minor inconvenience at times this year, Delucio said, “Yes, it is 100% better than before. Our play is a lot faster and it definitely helps that our team has great chemistry together on and off the field.”

Despite this season’s challenges, the team has worked their best to overcome, and so far they have succeeded more so than in the past. With a current record of 4-4-1, the team is currently ranked 4th in the WPIAL section 4A, and have finally reached their ultimate goal. With this record and the demanding season now in full swing, the girls are even more motivated to make a name for themselves in the playoffs and beyond.