Covid’s Wake In Our Schools


Mrs. Stallings Journalism class

I think we can all remember March 13, how could we forget. That was the day when the whole world changed. It changed from the world we knew, to a world of masks and having to keep a distance. Forced to show 40% of our face because the other 60% is covered by a mask. The safety precautions put into place were not meant to separate us, but they sure seem to. 

Shortly after March 13,  we were all told to quarantine. I’m sure some people didn’t even know what the word even meant, but nobody knew what it would entail. Nobody knew how hard it would be to buy toilet paper or paper towels, nobody knew how hard it would be to be isolated. 

 constant struggles impacted students across the nation trying to receive their education through a computer, and constant struggles of people trying to work from a computer as well. For the majority of people the social aspect of quarantine really affected them. At the drop of the hat socialization is frowned upon because of the risk of getting others sick. Everyone went from living their life to having nothing to do and nobody to see. 

We now are required by law to wear masks. This is for the safety of everyone, but does have a couple drawbacks. It’s hard to make a connection with someone when you can only see their eyes. It’s hard to understand what people are saying when you are suffocated by a mask. Masks have been the new grievance everyone has. Most people complain because they find it hard to breathe and it fogs up their glasses. But the most important issue with masks is that it takes away from the personal connection you take with people. It takes away from that ability to smile at that stranger or a classmate and make that connection with them and brighten their day. Although masks are meant for the greater good, they take away our ability to make a personal connection. 

While some people went back to school in person, some people went online. 

 it’s harder to learn and stay focused. It’s hard for athletes to focus when they may not have spectators or even have a game. It’s hard to focus when there are a million other things going on in your mind. It’s impossible to live your life when you’re full of uncertainty and trying to conduct your life through a computer. 

Hopefully as time moves on, we can have spectators at sports, and the halls filled with happy, safe, and maskless students ready to learn. We each need to do our part and be cautious and courteous to prevent the spread of the virus. Most importantly, we can’t let masks and plexiglass separate us from learning and separate us from each other.