My Top 5 Netflix Picks

My Top 5 Netflix Picks

During this quarantine I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands. This has led me to watch shows on Netflix that I would have never had time to watch and really get into them. I have decided to make a list of my top five picks of Netflix TV series along with a summary of the show. 



  • Outer Banks


The Outer Banks is based on a group of teenagers that live in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The island is separated by 2 different groups of people that call themselves “Pogues” and “Kooks”. Four pogues are determined to discover what happened to Pogue leader John B’s father who went missing a few months ago. Along the journey they discover clues that lead to a treasure that is somehow tied to John B’s father and run into some other difficulties along the way. 



  • Riverdale 


This TV series is based on the Archie Comics and takes place in a small town called Riverdale. After a student from Riverdale High has been murdered, a group of teenagers try to unravel the towns loitering evil within their not so innocent town. 



  • All American 


All American is based on a true story about a high school football player and all the drama from family, friends, and football that follows him as he continues to try and make it big with his football career.



  • Young & Hungry 


Young & Hungry is a funny, upbeat show about how a tech entrepreneur puts out an application looking for someone preferably famous to be his personal chef. Meanwhile, a young food blogger with limited chef experience is determined to score the job. 



  • New Girl


New Girl is based off of a young bizarre woman named Jess who decides to move into a loft with three guys who aren’t sure how they feel about Jess and her strange actions. Meanwhile, Jess catches her boyfriend with another woman and sparks her goofy friendship with her roommates.