Binge Worthy Netflix Shows


The Office 

Creator: Greg Daniels, Ricky Gervals, Stephen Merchant                                  TV-14

Seasons: 9

 Of course I had to start this article with a classic. I have probably watched this entire series 3 times during quarantine. This show has 9 glorious seasons that cover the day to day lives of Dunder Mifflin workers. It’s filled with pranks and  banter. If you like dad jokes definitely watch this show. 


Vampire Diaries

Creator: Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson                                                                   TV-14


This series is addictingly good. It might sound corny but it has what everybody loves vampires,wolves,and witches. The series starts with 17 year old Elaina Gilbert. Her parents just died and she meets a new student in Mystic Falls. This becomes the start of a crazy journey. With lots of twists and turns.

Ps. It has two spinoff shows that are just as good when you’re finished. 


Grey’s Anatomy 

Creator: Shonda Rhimes                                                                                        TV-14

Seasons: 15

 I mean if you haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy I don’t know what you’re doing.It’s Meredith Grey’s first day as an intern at Seattle Grace hospital. She is the daughter of a famous surgeon so she has a lot of pressure on her. This series follows how she tries to juggle her personal life all while treating patients. But be prepared this series brings a lot of tears with it.


Breaking Bad 

Creator: Vince Gilligan                                                                                          TV-MA

Seasons: 5

 A highschool chemistry teacher is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. So he does what every teacher would do: He partners up with a past student in order to secure his family’s future. He doing what he does best, chemistry.


The Walking Dead 

Creator: Robert Kirkman                                                                                       TV-MA

Seasons: 9

This is my mom’s personal favorite show. But be prepared because after you’re done watching it you’re gonna feel like you’re doing food runs to the grocery store. The storyline starts with Rick. He was a police officer before the zombie apocalypse happened. All he wants to do is find his family but he has to learn how to survive first.