Company During Quarantine



This puppy was adopted during the virus time period.

     The Greater Latrobe students have been doing online school for over a month now. Throughout that time, very few of them have gone out of their house to visit friends or hangout with others.  That raises a lot of questions like “Don’t they get lonely?” And “Who can keep them company?” Many people would answer these questions with the one simple answer: Family. Although everybody has been connecting with their family more over break, many people have often forgotten that there is another thing to help people keep their sanity.  This thing can come in all different shapes and sizes. It can be tiny, huge, furry, scaly, in some cases it can even be over 2000 pounds!

    You guessed it! Many people have taken advantage of this opportunity to spend more time and connect with their pets.  Day after day the students spend 7 hours at school, come home, do extracurricular activities, more schoolwork, then go to bed.  Most people pay very little attention to their pets during the busy school years. After spending everyday stuck at home for the past six weeks, many people have been spending their time walking, snuggling, and finding different ways to interact with their pets.