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Molly Bobik, Staff

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My Fitness Pal
My Fitness Pal provides a hands on approach to helping its client reach their personal fitness goals. When creating an account users enter in weight, age, and activity levels. Users also select whether they want to gain, maintain, or lose weight. From here the app determines how many calories a person should consume a day to achieve their ideal weight. The app also provides users with the ability to track how many calories consumed, calories burned from exercise, and water intake per day. My Fitness Pal is extremely versatile, it connects to different fitness apps and devices which aid in tracking your fitness progress.

Map My Run
Map My Run is a top rated running app. On the app users can track their runs. The app records the directions of previous runs, times, and calories burned. It also enables a user to connect with friends to share running paths. The ability to workout and support friends provides users with motivation to reach personal goals. Map My Run is able to connect to My Fitness Pal and automatically record exercises and calories burned in the app.

Fitbit Tracker
The Fitbit Tracker app is able to be connected to the My Fitness Pal app, but the app itself is also capable of completing the same functions as My Fitness Pal. When connected to a fitbit, the app can record daily activities, such as steps taken and sleeping patterns. It can also be set to track different types of activities such as running and swimming. If a user does not have a fitbit, daily steps can be recorded using a smartphone. The app also provides users with reminders and rewards when goals are met, to keep people motivated. When connected to My Fitness Pal, steps, exercise, and calories burned will be directly recorded into the app.

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About the Writer
Molly Bobik, Staff

    My name is Molly Bobik. I am a Sophomore and a first year journalist. I have been an avid swimmer and softball player since the age of seven, and have participated on both the varsity swim and junior varsity softball teams. Along with my athletic career, I am a committed student. I strive for perfection even though I may never obtain it. Writing is one of my greatest passions along with traveling. Both allow me to leave my boring,everyday life and enter into a fascinating, new world. Being apart of the Greater Latrobe High Post, I feel I now have the ability to convey my experience of that new and exciting world with my peers. I live to share the stories of society and  those living in it.

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Fitness Apps