School Safety

How safe do you feel at school? What aspects of the school makes you feel safe? What are some ways in which you feel the schools could better improve the safety?


“Yes. The staff and security system. Safe enough.”

Addy Vavick  Junior

“1-10, 10. The school officer. More security.”

Emily Rumon  Junior

“I feel pretty safe at school because the doors are normally locked during the day. If there were more teachers monitoring the halls I would feel even safer.”

Alexis McNeil  Freshman

“I feel pretty safe. Most of the doors are always locked and secured. The cameras help.”

Talia Mongelluzo Sophomore

“I feel very safe at school. Having a police officer makes me feel safe because I know our school is being protected at all times.”

Zoe Kubitz  Sophomore

“On a scale from one to ten, I feel my safety is about 8. The locked doors and front door intercom help me to feel safer. If we have drug test or drug searchers, or not allowing kids to walk outside. I feel doing so could help make an improvement on our safety.”

Delaney Shoup  Freshman

“I feel very safe at school. Having drills makes me feel safe, but if every teacher told us  what to do in each classroom I would feel safer.”

Jennifer Pierce  Sophomore

“I feel very safe because of all the safety measures taken. Cameras in hallways and perimeter of complexes. Make sure all doors actually lock and aren’t easily opened when locked.”

Jeremy Zawelensky  Junior

“Yes, the security cameras are reassuring and that the doors are typically locked.”

Addie Gardner  Junior

“I feel generally safe at school. One concern I have is that it would be very easy for someone to bring things in and no one would.”

Rayne Morgan  Senior