Raymond Academy Hurricane Relief

Molly Bobik, Staff

Hurricane Harvey ripped apart the coast of Texas through at the end of August. Shortly after, Mrs. Butler received a moving email from a former student, Max Henry. Within the email he informed her that he was recently married and moved to Dallas, Texas where his wife is pursuing a teaching career. Prior to moving, Max’s wife, Melanie, worked at Raymond Academy in Houston teaching first grade. After Harvey hit, the school teacher’s former school, students, and work force were devastated. Melanie then reached out to the principal of her old school inquiring about what supplies they needed to aid in the recovery. Melanie soon after, started a GoFundMe account for her school and is working to raise money for the much needed supplies. Her current goal is $1,000.With the community having gone through a tragedy like Harvey two years earlier, with Hurricane Patricia, Melanie just wants to make the unfortunate situation a bit easier for everyone.

To reach the GoFundMe page to support Raymond Academy, go to http://www.gofundme.com/65f2sj-hurricane-harvey-devastation, or www.gofundme.com and enter Melanie Fetzer into the search bar. It is the first one that appears for Hurricane Harvey devastation.