Morgen Wirick Overcomes Stereotype of Teen Mothers


Ashley Beaken , Reporter

Many teenagers and adults are familiar with the MTV show “Teen Mom.” People watch reality tv shows for pure entertainment, but no one can truly understand the struggles teen mothers face or the obstacles they have to overcome. Having a baby isn’t about posting pictures on social media so everyone will know you’re a teen mother, it’s about being able to support and care for your baby while still being able to go to school and accomplish your own goals. It’s about having your whole life change and having someone depend on you. It’s about having fears that you have to face and overcome.

Being a teen mother is a reality for senior Morgen Wirick, who she plans to name her son Jaxon Levi Sheffler.

Teenagers who are pregnant often worry what people will think of them or how they will be treated when people find out. However Wirick was grateful to not be judged by friends or family when they found out she was pregnant.

“When I found out I was pregnant, I was scared that I was going to get kicked out of my house, I was nervous and I didn’t want my family to be mad at me, but everyone was excited and can’t wait to meet him. I had absolutely no negative feedback on being pregnant, everyone was just worried about my life at home and how I’m going to take care of my baby,” said Wirick.

Facing parents is one of the biggest fears teens have when they find out they’re pregnant.

“When I first found out I was pregnant I was really scared that my mom would be disappointed in me, which she was, but she knew the best thing she could do was to stick by my side. I don’t know how I would do this without her or my step dad, they loved me through my bad decision and now they are excited to be grandparents. Without their love and support and the support from the rest of my family, I don’t think I’d be where I am now, I wouldn’t be able to do this alone,” said Wirick.

Being a teenager and trying to survive senior year is hard for anyone, but being pregnant brings up different obstacles.

“Trying to stay positive and get through the rest of my senior year is a struggle I’m working to overcome. I also work at the movie theater. Some nights I’m there until almost one in the morning, so I have trouble sleeping and staying awake during the day,” said Wirick.

Although it is hard to balance having a job, keeping up in school, and staying healthy to keep her baby healthy, Morgen manages to do it.

“I have a job and so does my boyfriend. We are still together, and he has a good bit of money saved up, so I’m not scared or nervous anymore even though I am getting closer to my due date,” said Wirick.

Wirick is working hard to make sure her fears don’t become a reality, she wants her baby to have the best life it can.

“My biggest fear is messing up and not being able to support my kid. I’m most worried about my baby growing up like I did, with split up parents, having to figure out which side to take. I just want my baby to have a loving family that’s happy together. Everyone lets me know that if I ever need help with anything that they are there. I have friends, family, and even teachers that will help, so I’m not worried,” said Wirick.

Morgen is still working to meet her own goals in the future and give her baby the best life that she can.

“I plan on getting married to Levi, the father of the baby, and I will be graduating. I plan on moving out, but not moving away because we want our baby to go to Latrobe or Derry. I plan to work in a kitchen and own my own restaurant one day. The only way to get far in that business is to start from the bottom, so that’s what I’m going to do. I go to Ewctc for culinary arts, so I already have some experience,” said Wirick.

Wirick isn’t letting her pregnancy get in the way of achieving her goals, she is simply overcoming this adversity and starting her own family. She is looking forward to her due date, which is quickly approaching.

“I’m due in March 2017 and I’m super excited and I can’t wait to meet my little boy,” said Wirick.