Senior Legacies in the Making


Giovanna Jones, Co-Editor-and-Chief

Unique. One word to describe the Greater Latrobe Class of 2023. We are a group of individuals who have no shame in fighting for, organizing, and expressing said character trait. This year the 2023 Class Officers decided it was time for a change in how students are allowed to express themselves in the form of a “Senior Parking Space.” This opportunity started as just a small idea that turned into a commemorative way for seniors to customize the spot they will park in all school year all due to the hard work of the Class Officers. 

They had to get the idea approved by the administration and spread the word to the senior class to ensure that they had enough time to submit their design to secure a spot. Following submission, the designs had to be approved, and then each person was assigned a specific spot. Class Officers then set up painting dates for all the seniors participating to come and paint their spots together. Senior Class Treasurer Isabel Trice was in charge of approving the designs, assigning each student a spot on a first come first serve basis, and supervising the group painting dates.

In past years, seniors have struggled to find a close parking space in the morning due to the open spaces being taken by underclassmen. As a result, the Class Officers felt that seniors painting their spots was a great way to reserve a spot for them. This issue created a lot of anger among seniors and the officers wanted to find a fair solution to the problem. And that they did. This solution allowed seniors to have a reserved place to park as well as letting them express the traits that make them unique. Isabel Trice stated, “We wanted something fun to represent senior year in a way people can be creative and have fun.” 

Many seniors truly took this to heart and showed their entire personalities through their designs.

Walking through the parking lot almost every day, one specific parking space has always stood out because of how vibrant and unique it is. That space belongs to Anthony Detore. His parking space was inspired by street or graffiti art and includes his name along with an impressively freehanded dragon that covers up the majority of the area. Anthony feels that customizing his senior parking space allows him to “voice his personality” and exemplify his personal interests. 

With senior year being a big year in itself he thinks that this opportunity allows the year to be even more “commemorative” than it already is. Anthony found his own way of leaving his mark on Greater Latrobe. The senior year itself is a very memorable year and this will be one unique thing that the 2023 seniors and Greater Latrobe High School students will remember for years to come.