Trump Could Have

Trump began his presidential campaign June 16, 2015. He could have launched a campaign that aimed to unify the nation. Instead he created a movement that utilized prejudice about immigrants and muslims. 

Trump appointed family members to top administration roles. He could have appointed professionals in the interest of the American public. Instead he engaged in nepotism for self interest.

Trump entered office in an era where climate change is being realized as a serious threat. He could have done more than any president to tackle the issue that will affect billions of people. Instead he left the Paris Agreement on climate change and appointed a climate change denier as his top environmental advisor. 

The United States has been in endless wars since 2002. Trump from 2016 to present day could have ended these conflicts that have cost hundreds of thousands of lives, many of which are Middle Eastern citizens. Instead he further increased intervention, such as increasing drone strikes as well as killing a top Iranian general, and almost sparked war with Iran by attacking the country.

The United States Postal service had a plan to deliver over 650 million masks to Americans early in the coronavirus crisis. Trump could have allowed it to happen and gave forewarning about COVID-19. Instead he cut the plan and lied to Americans about the threat.

On June 5, 2020 Insider reported that ICE camps were discovered using a disinfectant over fifty times a day on migrants that causes bleeding and pain. Trump could have reformed detention centers to be humane. Instead he allowed ICE camps to torture people and seperate families.

Black Lives Matter protests were sparked upon the death of George Floyd May 25, 2020. Trump could have led the charge for civil rights. Instead he called all protestors rioters and anarchists, and authorized the use of unmarked vans to kidnap those who chanted for equality. 

Biden won the election of 2020. Trump could have conceded the race and organized the beginning of the transfer of power. Instead he spread disinformation about voter fraud and wished for the result of democracy to be overturned through lawsuits.

On January 6, 2020 Congress convened to accept the electoral college results. Trump could have conceded and maintained peace in Washington. Instead he incited an impromptu insurrection the very same day.

Trump could have unified this nation, but instead he divided it. He made neighbor turn against neighbor, friend against friend, and family against family. 

Trump could have been not only a just leader, but a decent person. But that’s not Trump.