Fabric Arts Designers Create Holiday Mittens


In a virtual world of 2020, all classes at Greater Latrobe Senior High have experienced change and adaptations from both teachers and their students. The students in typically hands-on classes have done an exceptional job of doing projects that are easily doable from home and give students something to do while “trapped” inside their homes. 

Fabric Arts students were given an upcycling assignment. Upcycling means taking an item of clothing, cut, sewing, and transforming the item in many different ways to make a piece of clothing that looks nothing like the original. Students were given the assignment to transform a 100% wool or cashmere sweater into a pair of warm mittens for the holidays that can make a great gift or fun holiday accessory. They could find the sweater at a local thrift store or in their household. 

Beginning to use basic sewing techniques, each was challenged to create different products. “With being virtual, it has become an unrealistic assumption that every student has a sewing machine to use,” said Mrs. Coss. Adaptations and new plans had to be decided as we would remain online until January 18, 2021.

 “I thought Giving the students hand sewing projects that are easy and using skills they already know and have learned when we were in the building,” Mrs. Coss said. Youtube is a great source and has many videos that students can use as a reference. 

With being virtual, there is a factor of unknowing if the students are actually learning and doing their own work especially when it comes to these types of projects. To ensure that students are doing their own work, Mrs. Coss has students submit evidence persay of themself doing the work. Whether that be through a timelapse video, selfies, a sibling or family member taking a photo of you working, or even a tik tok video. “There is no way to know if the students are doing their own work or not. This can help give me some insight into their work process,” Mrs. Coss says. 

The final product of each set of mittens was different, there were a variety of different textures, colors, even shapes depending on the size of each person’s hands. Each designer can gift these to whomever they would like or can even keep them for themselves as a holiday gift to reward themselves for their hard work.