Prostesting Hits Home


I am sure that we have all seen the tragic events unfolding in Minneapolis over the past weeks, however, this movement has recently spread from Minnesota and reached our home of Pittsburgh. Over the weekend the Pittsburgh police reported rioting and looting to have occurred in the downtown area. A large group of protesters was gathered throughout the downtown Pittsburgh area peacefully protesting, but things later escalated. Property damage, looting of local businesses, and violent actions were reported to have broken out in the downtown area. Pittsburgh Public Safety is recommending all residents and visitors to avoid the downtown area and stay home. The protesters were observed to have spray-painted and burned a police car in the streets and injured many police officers sending four of them to the hospital.

Many of the vandals that are looting and destroying public property are not apart of the peaceful protesters that are gathered in Pittsburgh. These protests are continuing to unfold in Pittsburgh and other areas around Greater Latrobe as protesters have gathered in downtown Greensburg and downtown Latrobe over the week. No looting or destruction has unfolded at these protests and many police officers are present during the protests.

Hopefully, soon we can see an end to the violence that has been coming along with the protesting and give the peaceful protesters their right to protest for what they believe.