Trice Tackles Success

Small but mighty. 5’1 in stature but 6 foot in knowledge. Izzy Trice has not only stood at the top of her class for four years, but is a defensive specialist for the high school volleyball team and Allegheny Volleyball Club Team, peer tutor, and treasurer for Greater Latrobe’s class officers and National Honors Society.

Although high school can be challenging, Izzy finds her own ways to stay motivated and keep on top of her academics. “I try to focus on the things I enjoy most to keep me motivated. The things I don’t enjoy as much I try to complete earlier so that they don’t get pushed off,” stated Trice.

Trice stresses how important it is to use time wisely and plan ahead. Sometimes individuals can’t control situations but they can control how they respond and move forward. “I don’t get to choose when volleyball practices are, so I have to work my homework around the practice schedule. Since the times are set, I can’t change the practice times. However, I can decide when I can do my homework. I truly try to plan things out,” explained Trice.

Not only is Izzy driven to excel in high school, but she is paving the way for her future day by day. Big decisions await, but none are large enough to divert Trice from her ambition. “I plan to go to college. Right now I am deciding between Pitt, West Virginia University, or Ohio State. I will study biology and then attend med school to become a doctor, hopefully specializing with hearing aids and cochlear implants, but that may change,” expressed Trice.

With an ongoing urge to help people in need, it is no surprise that Trice has a niche within the medical field. It takes a strong and resilient person to work in healthcare. Trice fits the mold. “I am very passionate about doing things I love and am caring so I like to help people as much as I can. I believe that by being a doctor I could make a difference in the lives of others,” referenced Trice.

Izzy receives her caring and inquisitive nature from her mother. Strong, passionate, and uplifting are just a few words that describe Trice’s role model. “She is such a hard worker and so smart. She had even gone back to school to get her master’s degree while raising my brother and me. My mom is pretty inspirational and a big part of my success,” stated Trice.

Although the path of life has multiple detours and barriers, trying your best can help you navigate life’s challenging roads. Izzy Trice has a few words of advice that helped her keep her spark for learning alive. “You should want to strive for greatness and do your best. You don’t want to slack off just because you don’t feel like doing anything or are unmotivated. Always do your best no matter what that might be for you, it is different for everyone,” proposed Trice.

Izzy Trice is more than an intelligent mind, she is a caring, inquisitive individual that is leaving her mark on the world. She will create a brighter future for herself and the people surrounding her. Whether it be her peers at Greater Latrobe Senior High School, her professors at a university, or her patients as a doctor, Trice will continue to touch the lives of others one day at a time.