Quarantine Spotlight with Sophia Hoch


Sophia Hoch, senior

Throughout the days that have slowly but surely transitioned into weeks, students of Greater Latrobe continue their lives through the simple acts of social distancing and self-isolation. The COVID-19 global pandemic has ravaged its way into our small community of the city of Latrobe. However, life goes on and the ongoing numerous attempts to feel a sense of normal in one’s life is an idea that our students are persevering to reach. Current senior Sophia Hoch allows us, as the audience, to take a mental road trip into her life, and shares her thoughts on this new spin-off of life.

Like students from other various school districts throughout Pennsylvania and the United States, students of Greater Latrobe have been feeling the utmost stress and worry that has come along with this global pandemic. For Hoch, she reveals her thoughts and feelings on how COVID-19 has affected her life and the abrupt halt of normal that once comforted her in life.

“While it initially stressed me out being that it began during a busy time of year, it has made me appreciate my family more and value relaxation time,” explains Hoch. “I feel as if it has opened not only mine but society’s eyes to what really matters.”

Although students, specifically the class of 2020, have lost the ability to make memories with fellow classmates before moving on to the next step in their lives, precious time with family has not been lost but gained. Whether it is the set dates for a family game night to just having a meal at dinner all together, moments like this have been an absolute positive to a student’s life. Indulging on the added time of relaxation has also merited in positive value to students. Catching up on the latest Netflix original series has been able to take away the stress in which students have felt since the start of online schooling. 

Of course, students cannot help but forget the various school-sponsored activities that COVID-19 undoubtedly took away. Sophia remarks on what she feels is the most heart-wrenching thing that she felt had been lost, however gives insight on her hopes for the future of the Greater Latrobe senior class.

“The worst thing that was taken away from me and all seniors is the time we should have had together before departing from this chapter of our life,” Sophia says. “While we may have been stripped of that, we still deserve a proper send off and I have faith in our administration to give us that.”

The closing of this era of life we call high school has definitely reached its end, however the efforts and thoughtfulness the Greater Latrobe faculty and administration have been doing throughout the closure of the gates at the senior high has been flawless and appreciated by all students, especially the seniors. With creating the schedule of backup dates of graduation throughout the summer, as well as the upcoming “Senior Spectacular”, students are able to not have the worries of departing from Greater Latrobe without the proper send off in which has been promised.

Students, like Hoch, have not hesitated in the fact that they need to replace the time in which was spent on the grounds of our campus at Greater Latrobe Senior High.  Sophia Hoch has been doing much to pass the time.

“Since school has ended, I have been sewing clothes as well as upcycling old ones. I am thinking about starting a Depop to sell them,” Hoch explains. “Also, I have been sewing masks for those in need in Latrobe. Reach out to me if you need any!”

Digging up the past loves and interests of activities students have once so dearly loved has been a trend throughout the student body. Our strong community has displayed its courage and grit through helping others throughout the Greater Latrobe School District, and Sophia is one of many. Small acts like sewing protective masks for those in need or writing thank you cards to those fighting on the front-line, the community of Latrobe has never been more welcoming and accepting of the challenges which involve the assistance and gratitude to those throughout the district.

Hoping to come out of this global pandemic as a stronger group of people, Sophia happily offered words of encouragement and hope to you as the audience, aspiring to rise above these tough times.

“For those struggling during these times I would say to not lose hope and most importantly don’t hesitate to reach out to others for help,” Hoch says. “We are all in this together.”