Quarantine Spotlight with McKenzie Bonar


McKenzie Bonar, senior

Since the closing of its gates at the Greater Latrobe Senior High School, students across the district have been voicing their opinions on the outbreak of COVID-19, as well as what they have been able to do in a replacement of the uber amounts of time now given to all students. Senior McKenzie Bonar has shed some light on her personal life throughout these tough times. Bonar has revealed how those are missing a sort of “normal” in their lives, and needing the structure in a day that school can bring.

“I’m definitely a lot less productive since quarantine started,” Bonar said. “My sleep schedule is also pretty messed up since I can sleep in late with nothing to wake up early to.”

School has always been a student’s home base in life, being able to come to something everyday during the week. Students relied on the reassurance of a place where other fellow classmates are, however during these self-quarantine times, students are not able to see each other the way they have always been able to. 

Understanding the levels of “tough times” people are going through, it was interesting to learn the perspective of what Bonar thought was of the toughest parts during this time.

“I think it’s really hard accepting that March 13, 2020 was my last day of high school ever. If we would’ve known it was going to end like that I’m sure my class would have spent it differently,” Bonar revealed. “Just the memories and the goodbyes that would have come with our last month of school was taken from us. I can only hope we get to have some type of graduation so I can see everyone one last time.”

Every student across the nation, specifically the class of 2020, are only able to keep hopes for the future that does not involve life during quarantine. 

Replacing the lost time with activities that deal with social isolation from the outside world has been on the top of the list during this quarantine for students. For McKenzie, she explained some activities she has been partaking in during these tough times.

“I’ve been trying to go outside more often and take walks around my neighborhood,” said Bonar. “Little hobbies like reading and painting I’ve also picked up on again that I didn’t have much time for during the school year.”

Students are rediscovering past interests such as painting that has always brought joy to their lives. COVID-19 has sparked activities and interests that students have long forgotten about, and it has proven for at least Bonar that doing the little things have proven to help.

Words of encouragement and thoughts of hope are never too much to be given to students, especially during times like this. McKenzie remarked on how she feels during these times, and gives inspiration to you as the audience.

“I know it seems like this will never end, but have hope. I like to imagine the day everything starts opening up again and I can see my friends,” Bonar remarked. “We will get there.”