Thanksgiving Opinions

Do you travel on Thanksgiving? If So where do you go and why?


I do not travel because I do not have the money to do it. Unless traveling to my bed counts.  -Madilyn Perleberg    Grade 11


Yes. I go to Florida to visit my grandparents for Thanksgiving.  -Morgan Riley    Grade 10


Not really, I usually have basketball practice over Thanksgiving break. So I usually just go to my brother’s house in Mount Pleasant.  

-Mr. Wilkins    Teacher


This year I am traveling to New York with my dance group to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  -Autun Stemmler    Grade 10


No, we usually stay home and host Thanksgiving dinner. We usually travel for Christmas.  -Concetta Constantine    Grade 11


Yes, travel to CT Stanford to spend the holidays with my best friend. .  -Elania Schrach    Grade 12


Yes, Harrisburg for my first Thanksgiving with my granddaughter and grandson.  -Mrs. Hutson    Teacher


If I travel somewhere on Thanksgiving, I travel to see my grandparents for Thanksgiving dinner.  -Lexi Chelsa    Grade 11


I do not travel.  -Jack Zomishy    Grade 12


Yes I travel to my grandparents house, I go there because that’s where it is every year..  -Chloe Willochel    Grade 11


No, because all I do is eat and sleep.  -Nico Mazzoni    Grade 11


I don’t travel much anymore .  -Landen Pells    Grade 11


No, I do not travel but I do go to Pittsburgh. I go because my dads family lives in Pittsburgh. It’s nice to see them.  Olivia Meadows    Grade 9


If I travel for Thanksgiving I usually go to New York to see family.  -Mckenna Yutzy   Grade 10


Yes I go to Philadelphia to see my Aunt and Uncle.  -Matthew Cox   Grade 12


What is your favorite store to go Black Friday Shopping at, why??


I really enjoy shopping at Walmart on Black Friday because it’s the best place to save money and live better.  -Anonymous    Grade 10


None! I don’t do Black Friday shopping because it’s very dangerous.  -Alexandra Watson    Grade 9


Victoria’s Secret- it’s a madhouse in there you’ll mostly get in a fight it’s great.  -Carly Stas   Grade 11


I don’t go Black Friday shopping because it”s a mess.  -Piper S.  Grade 9


I don’t go Black Friday shopping, human interaction is too much for me already.  -Lily Haverly    Grade 9


I like going to Cabela on Black Friday for last minute hunting supplies.  -Jaden Biller   Grade 11


American Eagle because its my favorite store to shop at.  -Avery Massro    Grade 9


I don’t go Black Friday shopping.  -Emily Sweeny   Grade 9


My favorite store to go shopping on Black Friday is Walmart because they have good prices on stuff.  -Shanin Stauffer   Grade 10


Best Buy.  -Logan Stubbs    Grade 12


I like to go shopping at the mall because it has everything in one place.  -Aspin Moskal    Grade 10


Hollister.  -Josie Marts   Grade 9


Target, they have the best deals.  -Anonymous    Grade 9


Walmart and TJ. Max because they always have really great sales.  -Haley Sutton  Grade 12


Walmart because they have everything there for low prices.  -Joana Oshie   Grade 9


Is the Thanksgiving break long enough? How long ?


No, I think we should have the whole week off.  -Izzi Oddo   Grade 12


No, I think we should be off the whole week.  -Abbey Cowan  Grade N/A


No, I think it should be at least 2 whole weeks.  -Sofia Serge   Grade 10


What Thanksgiving traditions do you and your family celebrate?


My family tradition is coming together to eat, make caplets for christmas, and pick secret santa names.  -Jess Ziance   Grade 12


We watch the parade and help my mother cook then we all sit down and eat together.  -Colton Zimmerman   Grade 12


A family tradition we do every year is going down to my grandmas for thanksgiving dinner and watching tv.  -Emily Ross   Grade 11


My Thanksgiving day my family.  -Lila Naylor   Grade 9


I usually go to my cousins house in Pittsburgh every year. It’s nice because all my family comes together on that one day. It’s a wonderful time.  -Hannah DeStefano   Grade 11


The night before we get into pj’s and drink root beer floats and watch Hallmark movies.  -Haylee Chappell  Grade 11


We watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade and eat Thanksgiving Dinner! We actually have dinner twice- for both sides of the family. (Side note: My favorite Thanksgiving treat is pumpkin parfait.)  -Hannah Yothers   Grade 12


We pretty much do what we want.  Whatever we feel like doing. We like to mix it up. -Sarah DeHaven   Grade 11


I spend time with family.  -Lily Kaslar   Grade 11


Every year we watch Christmas Vacation.  -Sidney Gentile   Grade 11


We go over to my grandmothers house to spend time with my family and family friends.  -Shawn Penderose   Grade 11


My family usually travels to others houses, whichever has the most people meeting. My grandparents and mom then drag me along to do Black Friday shopping in a very overwhelming city I don’t know.   – Isabella Beaker  Grade 12

My family and I watch football all day.  -Jordan Novak  Grade 11