Brady Pevarnik Building his Own Legacy

Talia Mongelluzzo, Free Lancer

“I am my own person. I am Brady Pevarnik. I’m not Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus. I am just trying to be me and not anyone else,” said Brady Pevarnik, C 19 and Pennsylvania State University D1 commit. “I am Brady Pevarnik.”

Brady Pevarnik is graduating from the same high school as Arnold Palmer, C’47. Although they have the same humble beginnings, Pevarnik worked hard to find his own style and his own journey. Because of their common roots, Brady would often be compared to Arnold Palmer. “‘You’re going to be the next Arnold Palmer,’ but no I want to be the next me,” he said.

“Arnold Palmer was my biggest golf inspiration growing up.” Palmer was often on Latrobe Country Club’s course where the GLHS team plays. He would often stop to see Brady hit a shot, offer advice and mentor the young player.

“My other biggest motivator is my father. He is more than just my dad.” Jim Pevarnik is Brady’s coach, biggest fan, and most importantly, his father. “My dad always wants the best for me. He’ll always push me to do my best.”

Brady’s father is a golfer like his son. He golfed four years at Greensburg Central Catholic High School before moving onto the University of Georgia for two years. He found his own personal style after two years of college and transferred to Augusta University.

Years later on a vacation with his own family, Brady’s father got together with an old friend to play a round of golf. “My dad asked me to go along. We had a really fun time playing around. When we got home, I immediately asked my dad to take me golfing again. I got really competitive with it.”

Since Brady’s father was a golfer himself, he helped teach Brady everything he knew. “I’m really thankful for my dad. He’s always been there for me, teaching me and helping me. He’s a great influence and role model to have.”

Alongside his father, Brady’s other role model is his mother. “My mom is just my mom. She’s a loving, caring person who I know I can go to with anything. I have a great balance in my parents.”

Brady has been surrounded by great influences like Arnold Palmer, his father and his mother. He has learned many life lessons from all of them.

Palmer Jackson, a Franklin Regional golfer, is another great influence Brady is thankful for. “We met at Hannastown Golf Course when we were nine. We instantly became best friends, golfing and learning together,” said Pevarnik. They compete almost every day of the golfing season. “Palmer is a very hardworking, talented kid. He’s a great competitor.” Jackson signed with Notre Dame on November 15 to play golf. “I know Palmer and I will stay friends and continue playing together when we’re both home.” After all, Phil Mickelson has his Tiger Woods and Brady Pevarnik has his Palmer Jackson.

Brady Pevarnik travels as much as any high school athlete. During the winter months in Pennsylvania, he travels often. “During the winter I go down to Port Saint Lucie in Florida with my dad. It helps to practice in the offseason as any other athlete would understand.” When in Florida, Pevarnik meets with his other coaches to improve his playing. “Port Saint Lucie has a PGA Learning Center which is a huge golf facility. Within the facility, there are three courses: The Ryder, The Fazio, and The Wanamaker. All of these courses have helped me to improve my skills,” said Brady. However, his home course, Hannastown, has also helped to shape the young player. “I’m always working on improving when I can at this course. It’s also where I met Palmer and where we compete and help each other.” Besides traveling and working at home, Brady’s favorite courses in Pennsylvania include Sunnehanna Country Club and Fox Chapel Golf Club.

Playing golf can be very expensive with all of the travel, equipment, and greens fees. Luckily, Pevarnik was offered a sponsorship when he was 14 years old from Titleist and FootJoy. They both provide him with clubs, gloves, shoes, hats, balls and more. “Titleist and FootJoy have helped me out so much over the last few years and have treated me better than I could have imagined. Without them, I don’t know if all of this could have been possible.”

 When Brady wasn’t traveling to work on improving his golf game, he was traveling and talking to universities that took interest in him  He visited up to 15 schools before finding what he will soon call home. “I visited all of the schools, but I just didn’t feel complete. I went to Penn State and felt at home. I felt super comfortable and those aspects are very big to anyone going to college. I wanted to be where I was comfortable and could play golf right away.” Pevarnik even looked at the University of Georgia and Wake Forest University, but he didn’t feel they were home to him like they were home to his father and Arnold Palmer. “I know it’s the place for me, and I can’t wait to see what my future holds as a Nittany Lion.”

 With a new school comes new teammates and coaches. Jimmy Myers, a senior at Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School, signed with Penn State University on November 14. “Jimmy got really good at the game a few years ago. He’s a really great kid and I can’t wait to be his teammate. I feel we can accomplish a lot together at Penn State.”

 Brady also shows excitement towards his new coaches. “Coach Nye has been the head golf coach at PSU for 40 years. He has seen a lot of great players and knows how to teach them. Coach Howe, the assistant coach, brings an element that many coaches do not. He played at a very high level being in PGA Tour events and the US Open. I’m really looking forward to spending the next four years with guys I enjoy being around and can really learn from.”

Taking a step back to look at the past, Brady shows appreciation towards Coach Reaugh. “Coach Reaugh taught me how to be a leader. He’s been my coach for five years in total, one in basketball and four in golf. He’s been a really great mentor for me,” said Brady.

After achieving his recent goals, Pevarnik has decided to set new ones. These include winning an NCAA Championship, winning a Big 10 Championship, getting a degree in business from Penn State University and playing on the PGA Tour.

“I’m excited to see what’s coming next, but I’ll never forget the roots I have to this town and the many people who have impacted my life. I love the town of Latrobe, and everyone who makes it what it is. I want to go along and make my own legacy. This is me, Brady Pevarnik.”

“You’re going to be the next Arnold Palmer, but no I want to be the next me.”

“I want to set my own legacy.

Photos by: Talia Mongelluzzo