Chick-Fil-A Leaders Hold Toy Drive For Children’s Hospital

Sofia Serge, Staff Writer

Well, it’s that time of year, the time to celebrate and be kind, and of course share with others. And that’s just what the Chick-Fil-A leaders are doing.

This holiday season the Chick-Fil-A leaders are having what they call Do Good December. Do Good December is when all of the leaders split up into three groups. The three groups are Do, Drive, and Deliver, and they come up with an idea to help out their community that has to do with the group they’re in. They are left mostly to come up with all of the details for themselves, with very little instructions besides a due date. Then, the groups are left to figure out what they want to do on their own.

We talked to freshman Radha Trived, who is a part of the Deliver group. “Our group is holding a toy drive for children staying overnight at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. The group has put boxes around the school and are giving free admission to basketball games if the student brings toys.”

When asked about how they came up with this idea to have a toy drive for Children’s Hospital, Radha told us, “”We came up with the idea almost directly. Our group really wanted to do something for a hospital or a food drive. After going through a few options we decided we wanted to give something to kids and chose Children’s Hospital because it was the closest one that would have anyone staying overnight.”

We also spoke with sophomore, Will Beddick, who told us, “We started out by thinking about how to give back to the community, since that’s what Chick-Fil-A represents. We mainly chose the idea of putting up the Toys For Tots boxes because of how good it was for the children. We saw some videos on YouTube of people giving back to children, and that was kind of the deciding factor.” Will also brought up how they would try to encourage students to donate. “We then tried to come up with something that would make the students want to donate. We figured that if we gave students free admission to a school basketball game, it might encourage them to donate.”

They then put their plan in action. They got the boxes, and then decorated them. They then put them all around the school for students to start donating.

Now obviously, you have to work to be a Chick Fil A leader, you have to be chosen. But, before even worrying about being chosen you have to know you want to be a Chick Fil A leader. “I wanted to be a Chick Fil A leader so I could do more for my community.” Radha stated. “There is only so many projects you can do yourself, so when you have teachers and resources as well as students who share the same drive as you, there is nothing you can’t do. I wanted to improve my leadership skills, and there are no better teachers than your own peers.”